Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

Can you see where this is going?
For Princess’ birthday yesterday her amazingly wonderful godfather took her to the bookstore and let her pick out two books. She, like me, loves books and can’t ever have enough.
They found this treasure. It is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. A commemorative Pop-Up by L. Frank Baum with art by Robert Sabuda. This gorgeous book has captivated her in a way that I didn’t think possible. She never wants to put it down and is absolutely enthralled with it.
If you think you’ve seen The Wizard of OZ, you’ve never seen it like this. This book is a work of art. I’ve included the link to the Simon & Schuster website and a few pictures from Princess’ book.

Did you know in the book, the Ruby Slippers are silver? I didn’t. If you have children I highly recommend this book. It is fun, it’s beautiful and it’s a classic story turned into an interactive work of art.
The Emerald City

Landing in Oz

Princess and Jaden


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  1. Lynn says

    That book looks like a lot of fun to read! I saw one for Alice In Wonderland once and really would love to get one for the girls, but those castles will be in shred by the next day!!
    And Happy Birthday to Princess!

  2. kimkimeri~ says

    I will follow the yellow brick road right to the book store to see if i can find one for someone to discover the magic of Oz under the Christmas tree this year.
    I LOVE the Wizard of Oz. One of my all time favorite movies.

  3. Maureen says

    Happy Birthday, Princess!!! Wow, what a fantastic book. Now, be sure to keep it; I still have my daughter’s favorite books some of which are pop ups too… she loves looking at them still!

  4. Honeybell says

    That is a PERFECT gift for my MIL who is a collector of all things Oz! BTW-Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! *is jealous*

  5. Becky says

    Love the book! So kool! Pop up books are banned in my house. No sooner does a Pop up book come through the door and its no longer a Pop up. The boys destroy them yet they leave other books together.
    Go figure!
    ps I tagged you so come and see!

  6. Amy says

    My daughter’s favorite all time movie as a kid was Wizard of Oz. She was Dorothy for Halloween when she was 2, 3, 4, and maybe 6. This book looks really cool.

  7. Erika Cass Designs says

    I loved the Wizard of Oz when I was a little girl too. :o)
    I can see why she likes it, it’s really a beautiful pop-up book!

  8. DIXIECHICK says

    Wow….pop ups have come a long way since I was a kid. That is just beautiful….just like your little princess! I don’t think my boys would be interested in it though…they never really cared for the movie. Go figure. Although, I may have to try and find it for my four year old niece..she would love it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. david mcmahon says

    What a wonderful gift. I reckon no child can ever have enough books.

    I grew up in a house with thousands of books – and they were my world.

    Now I’m a parent and our house has hundreds upon hundreds of books.

    Happy birthday, Princess.

  10. Amy says

    It is such a beautiful book. I would be afraid that our 2 year old would rip it up, thus traumatizing my 3 year old and me.
    (My brother popped a ball I got for my 5th birthday before I even got a chance to play with it. He kicked it right into the barbed wire fence. WAAAAAH)

  11. Kellan says

    Very nice book – I love pop-up books. What a great God-father. Happy Birthday to your Princess – she’s a doll. BTW, I’m Kellan – nice to meet you. Take care.

  12. says

    “Did you know in the book, the Ruby Slippers are silver?”

    The books are actually quite scary. LOL. But copies like this are definite keepers! I hope you two spend hours beautifully wrapped-up in it…

    Great gift, god-daddy!

  13. Blonde Mom says

    What a cool book! We are big fans of books here. We love pop-ups. The girls also have a copy of the Wizard of Oz movie…it's one of my favorites from childhood.

  14. Kirstie says

    My boys got the Dinosaur Encyclopedia by Sabuda (can’t remember his first name) and it is THE COOLEST dinosaur book I have EVER seen!!
    Now they want they shark book he did and I want the Wizard of OZ!!

    Good buy Livvie!!

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