Blizzard of Bubbles and a Messy Monkey

This kid is plotting the demise of both my house and my sanity. One cute, tiny mess at a time.
I was helping Princess clean her room and put away laundry when I realized that our house was quiet, too quiet to have a happy 2 year old in it, but just quiet enough to enable one mischievous Monkey’s mayhem. (I love alliteration, don’t you? *ahem*)

I walk into the living room and I see this chocolate covered spectacle happily playing under the kitchen table.

He looks awfully pleased with himself doesn’t he.

I decided that this would be the perfect time to try out the kids’ new bath toy. The Bath Blizzard by Kid Kleen.
I am beginning to think that Monkey made this mess of himself just so he and Princess could try out this new.toy, what do you think?

I almost pulled a muscle trying to get the strap attached to the back of the machine and the battery compartment wasn’t the easiest thing to get open, but once I finished wrestling with assembling the Bath Blizzard and adding the supplied bubble solution, the kids had a blast.
On the first try it gave the kids some great bubbles to play with, but it didn’t exactly fill the bathtub with bubbles… so the second time around I used our regular bubble bath and added two capfuls, this provided a lot more bubbles (and they smelled better). I was really impressed with how long the bubbles lasted and how much fun the kids had.

I mean look at this face, doesn’t he just look like he’s plotting his next mess as an excuse to take a bath and play with his new toy.

The Bath Blizzard got the kids clean, provided quite a fun time and although it was a bit of a pain to put together initially, and didn’t come with the required batteries (what’s up with that?) I think this could make a great birthday, Christmas or Chanukah present for those special kiddos in your life, especially since it’s under $20.

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  1. Lisa says

    What a mess and how more proud of himself could he have been? LOL

    I will have to try that for J. Bath toys are something you can never have enough of.

  2. Eternal Sunshine says

    I absolutely adore alliteration!!

    There is nothing quite so frightening to a mother as a quiet toddler, huh? **Shudder**

    He’s a dollface, and I’m sure it was hard to get mad at him, even with all that mess! LOL

  3. Honeybell says

    My first thought would be “Oh please, let that be chocolate.”

    This has been your gross out of the day. You’re welcome.

  4. Leah says

    you must not have purchased that on amazon then, because the link you posted has it listed at $57.99 and I nearly had a heart attack! (or I’m reading the price WAY WRONG)

    I’m hoping that chocolately goodness was contained to him and not any carpets or upholstered furniture or anything??? LOL I can just see Connor managing something like that. Scary!

  5. Rachel says

    @Dysfunctional mom – I snorted Diet coke out my nose. You are too funny!

    @lisa – J will love it!!

    @eternal sunshine – alliteration is so fun :-) LOL

  6. Rachel says

    @leah YOWZA!! they had some for 19.99 when I linked it. I changed the link!!! Target has them and so does Toys’r’us for 19.99!!
    Thanks for the heads up!!

  7. the planet of janet says

    a chocoholic monkey? ah, we must be related in some way!

    oh, and what i totally love about blogging? is that we all stop and grab the camera to memorialize these “caught ya” moments …


  8. Karen MEG says

    That first photo, priceless.

    Bath blizzard sounds ingenious. It looks like it’ll get plenty of use around your place.

    Wish my boy would bathe (yeah, we’re going through that with the boy now … eww… )

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