Princess has had a big few weeks milestone-wise that is. She lost her second tooth, started reading chapter books and while at Mr. Lady’s house for Easter, she got on a BIG BMX bike belonging to 3of3 and took off.

No training wheels.

(cue mom fainting)

I’m not sure who had more fun or got more exercise.. Princess or Daddy ;-)


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      Thank you!!! She’s had a few big weeks! Second lost tooth, big girl bike riding.. *sigh*


      (your comment got marked as spam! SORRY) I have retrieved you, though ;-)

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      Awe.. well.. tell 3of3 we just bought her bedding for Princess’ room because she loved it so much! And she MISSES her 3 friends, desperately.

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      Thanks! She’s DYING for Daddy to take the training wheels off her bike now! I can’t believe that she’s big enough to be riding a BIG bike without training wheels *sigh*

      (hey stranger!)


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