When Mom Says No

kids on the stairs

A conversation between the 3 year old Monkey and Me.

Monkey: “Mom, why do you tell me No so much?”

Me: “Because I care about you” (short easy mom answer)

Without missing a beat….

Monkey: ” You sure care about me a lot”


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  1. Life is Like a Box of Chocolates says

    That is so sweet! And so typical of the things coming from my daughters’ mouths I had to laugh! Thanks for brightening my day.

  2. Grand Old Banjoist (GOB) says

    There is no better affirmation that you are doing a great job than that statement…plus it really warms the heart for the rest of the day.

    • says

      Dad, by warms your heart.. do you mean has Grandpa laughing his butt off?
      Because, that’s what I think :-)

      THey keep me grinning, laughing, questioning myself and all of that other fun stuff.

  3. Cassandra says

    This is such a great pic and a great post. My daughter is 21 months and I say No a lot and feel bad sometimes, so thanks for the tip and making me smile! I love your tweets, facebook and so on…you are awesome!


    • says

      Awe! You sure do know how to make a girl’s day!
      Thank you, so much! I try to temper the No’s by changing it up: saying Not right now or That’s maybe not the best/safest idea.

      It’s definitely a wake up call when he says stuff like that :-) Thankfully, it was said with a sweet concerned smile ;_)


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