Weekly Winners: Back To School

Dorothy’s Slippers Ain’t Got Nothin’ on These Shoes
back to school glitter shoes

The Face Says It All
first day of preschool 2010

This week’s winners are brought to you by The Letter S for School and the letter L for Lotus, go visit her to see more winners

** The Shoes are from Old Navy 😉  since y’all are asking 😉


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  1. says

    I LOOOOOVE the shiny shoes!!! I want a pair *lol*

    He looks so excited. Reminds me a lot of my cousing when he was younger *G* Wonderful picture!!!

  2. Krissa says

    OhMiGosh! I’m not sure which is cuter! The sneakers or the pic of that face looking all excited about SCHOOL!

  3. Krisinda Averette-Thomas says

    Omg! his face is tooooo cute @ his hair freshly brushed-too cute!

    Where did u get those shoes? i am in S.Korea and would love to order some! I loooooove sparklies!

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