Happy Birthday Grand Old Banjoist

please don't stop the music

Happy Major Milestone Birthday.

Today is special because not only do you enter another Decade of your life but, you are also getting to celebrate another major milestone.  I’m so proud of you.

I’m honored to be your daughter.


dad and me

Thank you for always standing beside me.  For allowing me to fall down, to fail and to get back up again.

Thank you for guiding me toward the right path instead of telling me which way to go.

Thank you for helping me to find myself — even when you disagreed with the person I was trying to be.

Thank you for guiding me, but never pushing me.

Thank you for being an amazing Father and Man, one to whom every other boy and man was measured against.

Thank you for standing with me and loving me and laughing with me on the day you passed me over to the one man who finally did measure up.

wedding day

I have learned and continue to learn so much from you.

About life and parenting, about saying I’m sorry and not being afraid to show my children that I’m not perfect.

I have grown and learned the most from you, not from your perfections, but your imperfections.

I hope that I am able to teach my children in the same way.

Thank you for helping me to realize that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, or I’ll never make it out alive.

You have helped me to see the importance of friendship, independence, laughter, love and knowledge.

You taught me to stand on my own two feet, but also to know that it is just as important to know how to ask for help and lean on others when it is necessary.

You were, and still are, the best father any little girl could ever wish for and now, the most amazing Grandpa.

Happy Birthday, Daddy, Dad, Grandpa, Grand Old Banjoist.

We love each of your personalities and wish each of them an amazing birthday.

Love you.


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  1. says

    As a father, I can tell you you’ve told him things that every father would hope to hear. You are a good daughter – he is a lucky man. Happy Birthday, Sir. You’ve done well.

  2. Paula says

    Such a lovely tribute to your father. What a beautiful bride you made, he must have been just bursting at the seams walking you down the aisle. It is so beautiful that you are telling him how important he is to you and your children and how much you love him. Best wishes to him for a wonderful celebration and all the best in the coming year for him.

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