Our Language of Love


I wrote a post a few years ago about my amazing husband and how he expresses his love with his own language – when I comment about not having enough storage space in my pantry, he goes out to the garage and builds me new shelves; when he knows I’ve had a long day – he surprises me with a fountain Diet Dr. Pepper from the convenience store with the best syrup to soda mix (oh yes.. there is a difference) and sometimes – my man with the huge heart and chocolate brown eyes who shows his love through actions and caresses instead of words, surprises me like he did with a poem in an email 3 years ago.  A poem and action that I cherish to this day and can still brings tears to my eyes.

I bet if you asked my husband which one of us was better at expressing our feelings – showing our love – using our love language to make the other one and our children feel special, he’d say me.

I beg to differ.


Knowing I’m not a fan of roses, and as much as I love stargazer lilies (and I do. I LOVE) they are almost impossible to find right now and I’m not home enough to enjoy them, anyway… my amazing husband found a man who makes roses from wood shavings and he bought a bouquet for me and a bouquet for Princess, just because he loves us.

This man is teaching my daughter through his actions what it is to have a wonderful husband and an amazing father.  He’s showing her through his own very special love language,  many of the qualities that she herself should look for someday.  He is setting the example, and it’s a truly wonderful one.

He’s teaching my son how to be a man.  How to love, how to be a friend, that real men DO hug and hold hands and that they cherish their wives and family.  That no amount of material wealth or goods can compare to stars in the night sky on family camping trip, to laughing around a fire with friends until the early morning, that early morning tickles and snuggles are priceless.   He is teaching him that to love, appreciate, and respect your family is a gift to them and yourself.

ready to camp under the stars

My love language may be more verbally expressive or visually so with notes all over the house, blog posts, texts and saying I love you and appreciate you more often – but my husband’s actions are lasting, powerful and moving.

So, while he may think I’m the heart of the family…

I know better.



I’m so excited to be partnering with Hallmark this year for its “Life Is A Special Occasion” campaign. Getting to work with Hallmark and share my family’s special moments and lives with y’all is a complete thrill and honor! I received that blooming expressions rose from Hallmark, and am compensated for my ambassadorship with them, however I am not paid to review it or provide positive comments.  The words on the rose just so reminded me of my husband that it prompted me to write about him and give it to him (hi honey!)


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    • says

      Thank you, Katrina! I’m sure there will be a few tweaks in the sidebar etc… over the next few days – but as a whole!! YAY! I feel so clean and refreshed :-) hee hee

    • says

      Kristen, Thank you so much! I cannot even begin to tell you how much that night meant to me. Y’all are such a blessing! I’m so happy that we’ve been brought together for these amazing projects. XOXOX You are so wonderful!

      THANK YOU! Deanna is AWESOME!

  1. says

    Gosh, this melts my heart for more than one reason! Lately, I have been struggling with why I am so convicted about love and loyalty – when others dont seem to care …. your love language message sang to my heart and made me smile. Thank you.
    Cassandra´s most recent brilliance ..Me Beauty Turned Three

    • says

      You with all your sweetness! xoxoxoxo <3 <3
      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      Don’t ever give up on the things that beat the strongest in your heart. <3

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      Yes, Erica, it is! I love that we have such great men ;-)

      Thank you! Me, too! I’ve been dying for something minimal and clean, yet still with personality! Love that, Deanna!

    • says

      Yes ma’am, Jennifer, I am well aware and grateful for it every. single. day!

      Thank you! I’m pleased with how the pics came out – I had fun playing with the Blooming Expressions rose :-) My kids can’t put it down!

  2. Paula says

    You both are very blessed to have found one another and your children are very blessed to have you both as their parents.

  3. Ann says

    Beautiful. My husband used to be more consistent with romantic gestures, but the three simple sentences and stubble-face he drew on the heart of my valentine were poetry to me. :)

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