Happy Birthday, Michael

Today, May 20th, is my *little* brother Michael’s 31st birthday!

Happy Birthday, MY-kayla.


Michael, you were my constant companion, my playmate and my friend; whether it was me dressing you up in Granny’s clothes, painting your nails, flipping you over my head, you chasing me around the yard with a machete or you pulling a rug out from under me (which only took you 20 years to fess up to thankyouverymuch!) and causing me to split my head open.

I wouldn’t trade any of it.


Watching Princess and Monkey reminds me so much of us and yeah.. I probably owe you several hundred apologies, but the past is the past ;-)

I love you, Kayla.

I’m so thrilled for the happiness that you’ve found with Melissa.


I pray that this birthday is just the first of many, many more filled with happiness and joy.

Happy Birthday!  I love you, kiddo.



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  1. bebe says

    So sweet of you to honor Michael this way, Rachel. You two were great together growing up. We had a wonder weekend with M&M.

      • says

        Marisah Jennings – Thank You CASSIE!!! You are an amazing phtopgraoher!! and that was an amazing photo shoot! I had so much fun. It is interesting to walk around and not really knowing what your going to find:) Thank you for doing this for me!! You have beautiful talent to accompany your beautiful self!!!

  2. Monkey's Uncle says

    D’awwww….Thank you, Rachel. I was so touched by this tribute. I’m honored to have the greatest best friend and role model that a kid could ever have asked for. Love you, Big!

    • says

      They both have the most beautiful eyes!! Paula, she’s is stunning and her skin is to die for.. she’s like a porcelain doll.

      :-) Oh yes, Monkey is definitely family ;-) LOL.

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