Who Needs Caffeine?

Boots with dresses Princess Style

Yesterday started just like every other school day this year has. I woke up, went in to wake both kids up, washed my face, brushed my teeth… went in to wake both kids up, again. After ensuring that both kids were physically out of bed, eyes open, and moving towards getting dressed and making beds;… 

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Facing The World Head On

First Trip to The Gulf of Mexico with Mom

I remember every first with each of my kids. Their first steps, their first laugh, their first words – Princess’ was “yook” {look} and Monkey’s was “dada”. I feel so blessed to be able to experience so many firsts with my kids, and we still have so many firsts to go. Each first day of… 

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I Wanna Hold Your Hand

holding hands

I remember the first time our hands met, moments after you were born. Your tiny fingers wrapped around my finger and squeezed so hard that it took my breath away.  Every day your hands change, they grow, they become stronger, more capable, and every day I want to hold your hands in mine.  I want… 

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The Proof is in the Afterwards

camp invention patent

Monkey and Princess had a blast at Camp Invention last week. Here’s Monkey getting his very own patent certificate on the last day of Camp Invention. They looked forward to camp every day, they talked about what they would do, what they did, and what they thought they’d invent. They couldn’t wait to tell me… 

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Summer Camp {Invention}

Camp Invention Summer Camp Day 1

For my whole life, getting ready for summer camp has meant sunscreen, bug spray, and swimsuits. Not a one of those came in to play while getting my kids ready for Summer Camp this past weekend. We did, however, poll the neighbors asking if they had any electronics that the kids could cut the cords… 

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Saying Goodbye


Today, we say goodbye to one of the most important Moms in my life, my Granny. Mary Cecil Trew April 18, 1920 – April 16, 2014 Today, family and friends will gather in a small stone chapel in Bryan, and celebrate a woman who celebrated life and all that it had to offer.  We will… 

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Cook Me A Memory

Making Scrambled Eggs

The kitchen is the heart of our home. The kitchen has been the heart of every home I’ve ever lived in. People gathered around the island, cozied up to the countertop bar, or even crammed in the door and leaning through the little pass through in my tiny first apartment with my husband. Preparing food… 

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Let’s Sail Away

carnival cruise family picture

It’s been nearly 4 years since this picture was taken in Cozumel during our first Carnival Cruise, and for the past few years has been our only family photo – until we went all radical and colorful that is.

Happily Ever What!

Happily Ever What color Me Rad family photo

The kids chose our Color Me Rad Team Name. Happily Ever What! This past Saturday we got up before the roosters and the sun and most sane people, put on our family team shirts, our neon sunglasses and headed down to reliant stadium to run the Houston 2014 Color Me Rad. We ran, we jogged,… 

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Monkey Speak

First Kiss

My youngest brother-in-law got married this past weekend, in a lovely ceremony in a tee-tiny East Texas town. My handsome husband was the best man, and he looks rather dapper in his champagne suit; if I do say so myself. Monkey is quite enamored with all things dapper.  He loves tuxedos {is rather upset that… 

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Merry and Bright

waiting for santa

Hey y’all… I feel like I should blow some dust off this poor place. This past Saturday, I had big holiday baking plans after teaching a few friends how to make my double dark chocolate dipped candy cane cookies to take to their Christmas parties, but that evening I got positively put down. The flu… 

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