Facing The World Head On

First Trip to The Gulf of Mexico with Mom

I remember every first with each of my kids. Their first steps, their first laugh, their first words – Princess’ was “yook” {look} and Monkey’s was “dada”. I feel so blessed to be able to experience so many firsts with my kids, and we still have so many firsts to go. Each first day of… 

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I Wanna Hold Your Hand

holding hands

I remember the first time our hands met, moments after you were born. Your tiny fingers wrapped around my finger and squeezed so hard that it took my breath away.  Every day your hands change, they grow, they become stronger, more capable, and every day I want to hold your hands in mine.  I want… 

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Those Moments

Princess and Daddy on the island

  You know the ones. Those moments when you see your child and you’re thunderstruck by the person they’re becoming? I was watching Princess walk on an island with her Daddy yesterday and she took my breath away, she’s no longer a little girl.. she’s becoming a young lady and I just don’t know that… 

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Through My Children’s Eyes

Happy Mother’s Day from Monkey Mom. Illustrated by Princess Happy Mother’s Day by Princess   I couldn’t ask for anything more. There are no diamonds, flowers, chocolate that could be more beautiful, more precious, more love filled than me through my children’s eyes and hearts.   Happy Mother’s Day to each of my Mama friends,… 

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Through My Daughter’s Eyes


Seeing myself through my daughter’s eyes. It’s telling*, it’s poignant, it’s beautiful, and  it’s a piece of paper that I’ll treasure forever. Thank you to all the teachers who take the time to do projects like this with your students. *my eyes are blue-ish green

Best Part of The Day


It’s a simple question. “What was the best part of your day?” I don’t think that enough parents ask it.. we’re in the second week of kindergarten and I watch parents in the pick up line, on their phones (not anymore THANK YOU Texas for passing no cell phones in school zones!), or exasparated and… 

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Spitting and Parent Etiquette


Now that we have dipped our toes into the extracurricular activities pool (dance and kickball) we are coming across new friends and lots of new personalities. I am not a helicopter mom, I have always been the parent who keeps an eye on my kids, but I let them romp around playgrounds, approach new kids… 

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If I Had Known


If I had known the last time you nursed would be the last time, I would have allowed your warm sweet body to stay curled up with mine a little bit longer, our hearts beating in rhythm and the feeling of your warm breath and the soft movements of your mouth lulling me into a… 

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