Lordy, Lordy – Look Who’s Forty!

Happy 40th birthday

Happy 40th birthday Nathan. 40 years ago today – the world shifted and became better, because you were born. Today is one of my favorite days of the year; it’s the day you were born, the day that God placed my other half on this earth. You are one of the most incredible people I’ve… 

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Happy Birthday, Becca Jane

mom first bday fix

My mom is an amazing woman. She is strong, beautiful, funny, passionate, loving, smart and the original Southern Belle. She is a SURVIVOR! Happy Birthday Momma. My Mom on her First Birthday My mom making it to her first birthday was a miracle. This picture, is a miracle. My mom was born in mumblefiftymumblesomethingmumble. She… 

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ice cream cone cupcakes for the birthday boy

NINE!  How are you already nine years old? It was just a minute ago that you were a tee-tiny little newborn nestled in my arms. From the moment you entered this world, you made yourself known.  Even though you were only 6 lbs, you were already a force to be reckoned with.

39 Years

Rachel and Nathan

39 years ago. January 27, 1976.   God started your story, which has become our story. You chose me, and even thought I fought it at first – our love story was, is, my destiny. From late nights on the phone, swimming, Joe’s Crab Shack, long distances, and pagers… Our love story is my favorite…. 

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Goodnight 10


The tie dye cake cones are cooling on the rack. The red velvet cake cones are nearly ready to come out of the oven. You’ve just come down for one more kiss, one last joke, one more hug, a few minutes more… I hug you, I laugh, I kiss you, and I nudge you upstairs……. 

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Happy Birthday, BeBe aka Becca Jane aka Mama

mom and me kiss fixed

You go by so many names: Daughter, Sister, Friend, BeBe, Wife, Mother-in-Law, Mama, Mom, Becky, Becca Jane, Teacher… and this year, you added another .. SURVIVOR You’ve been through more in the past 8 months, than most people go through in 5 years, a lifetime. Through an absolute miracle, you found out you had cancer.


birthday dirtbike surprise

Happy Seventh Birthday Monkey.   Happy Birthday to the boy who completed our family, the one who brings us such joy, laughter, tears, exhaustion, and happiness. Our lives are better because you are in them. You are exuberance.  You are childhood joy.  You are a whirling dervish with a heart bigger than Texas. You’re a… 

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In Which My Husband Wins the Marriage

One week ago, I turned 35. One of the other neighbors has a birthday this month, too, so we planned a birthday girls night out with darts, drinks, food and bingo. The next day – my birthday – Nathan and the kids and I were driving down to pick up the boat and spend a… 

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Happy 35th Birthday to Me! {and you}

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 6.24.46 PM

Today’s my 35th birthday and I’m going to spend it on the water with my family, which is pretty much my idea of heaven. If I were going to be celebrating with cake, it would be with my Granny’s Italian Cream Cake or my 2nd favorite cake, German Chocolate – so if you feel like… 

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Happy Birthday, Nathan

happy 40th birthday

Happy Birthday, my love. Nathan – January 27, 1976   Today, January 27th, is one of my favorite days of the year; it’s the day we celebrate you. You are the man who captured my heart and healed it. Thank you. Without you, I would not be who I am, where I am. Every one… 

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Monkey in Hat

Six S-I-X How is that possible? Even as I type the words, I can’t believe it. Even after you came barreling into my bedroom this morning at 4:45AM (thank-you-very-much) screaming – “It’s my birthday!!! I’m SIX TODAY!”   I still can’t believe that it’s been six years since I first held you in my arms…. 

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Happy Birthday, Michael


Today, May 20th, is my *little* brother Michael’s 31st birthday! Happy Birthday, MY-kayla.   Michael, you were my constant companion, my playmate and my friend; whether it was me dressing you up in Granny’s clothes, painting your nails, flipping you over my head, you chasing me around the yard with a machete or you pulling… 

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Happy Birthday, G.O.B.

Monkey and GOB

Happy Birthday, to the first man in my life. Happy Birthday to the one who showed me what to look for in a husband   Happy Birthday, to the best Grandpa any Monkey could have.     We love you. Thank you for all the lessons:  love, patience, laughter, appreciation, joy and independence. Thank you… 

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Princess and Me 9 days old

“Mom, Can you believe I’m going to be Eight?” “No, no my darling girl — I can’t”   Wasn’t this just yesterday?   So much has changed, So much still the same. The moment you saw the ocean,  it was true love. You were a water baby, and now you’re a Boogie Boardin’ Diva.  Even… 

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