Happy Birthday Grand Old Banjoist

Happy Major Milestone Birthday. Today is special because not only do you enter another Decade of your life but, you are also getting to celebrate another major milestone.  I’m so proud of you. I’m honored to be your daughter.   Thank you for always standing beside me.  For allowing me to fall down, to fail… 

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Happy Daddy’s Day


Happy Daddy’s Day to my Daddy, the first man in my life and the one against whom all boys were measured. You taught me about laughter and love and owning up to your mistakes.  Thank you, I love you. Happy Daddy’s day to my best friend, the love of my life and the father of… 

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Happy Birthday, Daddy.


Happy First Day of the Last Year of This Decade of Your Life. (that’s about right, sounds exactly like something you’d say) I baked a German Chocolate Cake last night.  I wish that we lived closer so that I could have surprised you with it. I can’t. So, I took a picture of it, ate… 

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Daddy’s Hands


My Daddy Playing His Banjo While He Was Here For Monkey’s Birthday Banjo Music, BlueGrass Music it resonates from my Daddy’s very being The music is joyful, lively, powerful, passionate and full of pain, laughter, struggles and emotion It is the music of my father The joy that I see in his face as he… 

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