ice cream cone cupcakes for the birthday boy

NINE!  How are you already nine years old? It was just a minute ago that you were a tee-tiny little newborn nestled in my arms. From the moment you entered this world, you made yourself known.  Even though you were only 6 lbs, you were already a force to be reckoned with.


birthday dirtbike surprise

Happy Seventh Birthday Monkey.   Happy Birthday to the boy who completed our family, the one who brings us such joy, laughter, tears, exhaustion, and happiness. Our lives are better because you are in them. You are exuberance.  You are childhood joy.  You are a whirling dervish with a heart bigger than Texas. You’re a… 

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A Ninja Named Jack

ninja jack

Monkey got his first black eye. {everyone all together now… awww poor Monkey} When I asked how he got it  he told me he wasn’t sure, but thought he dove into something in the pool. He immediately followed this up with: “But Mom, if anyone asks tell them a ninja named Jack took me down”… 

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Monkey in Hat

Six S-I-X How is that possible? Even as I type the words, I can’t believe it. Even after you came barreling into my bedroom this morning at 4:45AM (thank-you-very-much) screaming – “It’s my birthday!!! I’m SIX TODAY!”   I still can’t believe that it’s been six years since I first held you in my arms…. 

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Ready, Set, Milestone

Weren’t we just moving you into a big boy bed? and now. You’re growing, changing, moving faster than my heart. Ready. (wait, let me get my camera) Set (hold on, let me change my settings) Be.  Still.  My.  Heart. No Training Wheels Bike vs. Neighbor’s Brush Guard aka Thank God For Helmets Even at 5,… 

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Hip Hoppin’ Monkey

In case you need a grin today – Here’s Monkey’s little Hip Hop performance from his school’s Holiday Extravaganza this past weekend. (He’s the one in blue and grey – my husband was the cameraman) Peace Out, Yo!

Happy Birthday, Monkey

Five years ago – 9:36 PM I sat in a hospital room waiting on your dad to get back with some food. I sat in a hospital bed with my fingers tracing lazy circles over my stomach, over you.  I tickled and pushed and watched you push back.  I talked to you and dreamed of… 

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4 year old Monkey to his 7 year old Sister:   “Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if there were Pop Rocks seeds and we could GROW our own Pop Rocks plants!”     Just yes son — YES.   linked to Angry Julie

Hey Pitcher


Hey Pitcher, Look at Me   I’m a Monkey in a Tree     It’s kickball time here in Corpus again and that means it’s time for Monkey’s favorite cheer/chant to weasel its way back into our lives. He walks around monk style chanting it all the time. le sigh Today, while climbing this tree,… 

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Four Years


It’s a mere blip and an eternity. Four years ago, right now.. 11:04 PM September 19th, 2006 I was flirting with sleep. We admitted ourselves (me) to the L&D unit to be induced. Pitocin on board, I sent your dad to Wendy’s because I was starvin’ and that sounded sooo good.  (silly me, I assumed… 

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Monkey’s Head vs. The Brick Fireplace


I feel as if I’ve written this post before. OH because I HAVE, just with a different child. This afternoon I was on the phone with a friend talking about kids, photography, football, breast cancer… you know, the normal stuff when I hear: “THWACKTHUDCRASH” followed by the scream. If you’re really lucky, you’ll never hear… 

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