Blogust 2015 – Be The Difference

Jane Goodall Difference Quote Blogust

The past couple of Augusts I’ve participated in Shot@Life’s Blogust campaign by tweeting the #Blogust hashtag, and by sharing stories like this one about Princess Facing The World Head On. During Shot@Life’s Blogust 2015—a month-long blog relay—some of North America’s most beloved online writers, photo and video bloggers and Shot@Life Champions come together and share… 

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This Morning #LoveForNoah

This morning I crawled into bed with Monkey and nuzzled his sleep tousled hair, kissed his pillow creased cheeks and inhaled the smell of small, sleeping, content boy. This lasted mere seconds before Nathan swooped in and started tickling and waking Monkey with smiles and laughter. This morning, I brushed Princess hair and helped her… 

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ferris wheel perspective

There are real rollercoasters   And the emotional ones that you experience when your kids disappear at an amusement park… Read the story on my Babble Voices blog today.

Making a Difference

bringing daddy water

Sometimes the pivotal moments in life, the epiphanies come out of nowhere. Last Thursday we woke the kids up to watch an amazing lightning storm out on the horizon and then everyone went back to bed/reading/baking/TV. and then … 80 mph winds, hail, tornados and craziness. We ran out of our house to check on… 

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Ready, Set, Milestone

Weren’t we just moving you into a big boy bed? and now. You’re growing, changing, moving faster than my heart. Ready. (wait, let me get my camera) Set (hold on, let me change my settings) Be.  Still.  My.  Heart. No Training Wheels Bike vs. Neighbor’s Brush Guard aka Thank God For Helmets Even at 5,… 

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Dear Tooth Fairy

alternately titled I Love My Daughter and Her Sweet Heart “Dear, ToothFairy I’m very sorry I had a cavaty will you forgive me? I promis it will not happen again. Yes ___ No __” Poor Miss Princess was devastated to have the dentist find a cavity, she cried and cried. She apologized to us and… 

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Let Me Be Enough

You’ll never know what happens in the hours after I’ve fussed at you, after you’ve cried and I’ve come and explained myself and we’ve come to terms. You’ll never know that after we’ve kissed and hugged and said our ‘I love you’s’ and I’ve reassured you, yet again, that while I will always love you, there will… 

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Happy Father’s Day Edition

Happy Father’s Day, by Princess Happy Father’s Day, by Monkey Nathan’s Choice picture and title for the week When a regular fan just won’t do Happy Father’s Day to all my Daddy friends out there. Dear Nathan, Happy Father’s Day.  Thank you for being the wonderful man to whom all others will be held as… 

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The Power of A Smile


I think Casey says it best; “No one looks worse, when they smile” Even people who should NEVER use sun in on their  naturally auburn hair 😉 because it makes their hair look like straw. Oh yes, I just shared a picture of me from High School — thanks, Dad 😉 I’m lucky, I was… 

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When Mom Says No


A conversation between the 3 year old Monkey and Me. Monkey: “Mom, why do you tell me No so much?” Me: “Because I care about you” (short easy mom answer) Without missing a beat…. Monkey: ” You sure care about me a lot”

Redneck Mommy, Redhead Mommy… Whatever


I have been blogging for a hair over a year, it’s a thick, coarse, auburn colored hair, but it’s a hair none-the-less.  The only blog that I have ever stumbled across and then devoured from start to finish is hers.  Tanis is amazing.  She has slogged through hell, danced on cloud nine and been plummeted… 

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If I Had Known


If I had known the last time you nursed would be the last time, I would have allowed your warm sweet body to stay curled up with mine a little bit longer, our hearts beating in rhythm and the feeling of your warm breath and the soft movements of your mouth lulling me into a… 

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