She Shimmers

she shimmers

  She lays her head in my lap and asks me to braid her hair. I weave my fingers through silky gold strands and remember when they were little more than feathery tufts.  She holds my hand and talks of dolls and books, of science and world hunger.  She shimmers between childhood and womanhood.  … 

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Goodnight 10


The tie dye cake cones are cooling on the rack. The red velvet cake cones are nearly ready to come out of the oven. You’ve just come down for one more kiss, one last joke, one more hug, a few minutes more… I hug you, I laugh, I kiss you, and I nudge you upstairs……. 

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Princess and Me 9 days old

“Mom, Can you believe I’m going to be Eight?” “No, no my darling girl — I can’t”   Wasn’t this just yesterday?   So much has changed, So much still the same. The moment you saw the ocean,  it was true love. You were a water baby, and now you’re a Boogie Boardin’ Diva.  Even… 

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Hello, Seven


Seven. It’s my favorite number. I once thought I wanted to name my daughter, Seven.  (I was 12) Tonight, as I kissed you goodnight  I said: “Goodnight Six” The look you gave me–good grief child, you’re so me. I’d like you to stop now, please. Happy Birthday, Princess. You scare me. You make me proud…. 

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Cha Cha

The Last night of our Carnival Cruise they hosted a Camp Carnival Kids Talent Show, I’ll share more video later, like Monkey break dancing… it’s awesome. However, it’s Friday and everyone needs an ear worm and a smile. Enjoy Princess (in the turquoise dress) rockin’ with the other kids to Cha Cha Slide. Those moves… 

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Through My Daughter’s Eyes


Seeing myself through my daughter’s eyes. It’s telling*, it’s poignant, it’s beautiful, and  it’s a piece of paper that I’ll treasure forever. Thank you to all the teachers who take the time to do projects like this with your students. *my eyes are blue-ish green

A Moment


She’s my little girl. My kindergartner. It’s only been a blink, a mere 6 years of flashing blue eyes and heart capturing giggles. Her pink freckled cheeks still clinging to the softness of childhood. Her blue eyes that still light up when Daddy walks in. Balancing on the precipice. She’s still my little girl. And… 

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Princess has had a big few weeks milestone-wise that is. She lost her second tooth, started reading chapter books and while at Mr. Lady’s house for Easter, she got on a BIG BMX bike belonging to 3of3 and took off. No training wheels. (cue mom fainting) I’m not sure who had more fun or got… 

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Between The Lions


or interpretation is everything.. Thanks to Chick-Fil-A, the kids got two Between The Lions CD’s the other day.  They begged me to put them on in the car, so I did. As soon as the theme song started, Princess started singing and Monkey, not knowing the words, but no less enthusiastic started bopping along in… 

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Rainbow Cupcakes


also known as Disco Groovy Tie Dye Cupcakes These are the rainbow, colorful, tie dye cupcakes that I made for Princess’ 6th birthday and took up to her school and to her Daisy Scout Meeting.  These rainbow colorful cupcakes are quite simple to make.  They take a bit more time than regular cupcakes but trust… 

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Happy Sixth Birthday, Princess.


November 18, 2003 6:18 PM  19 1/2″ and 7lbs 15 oz November 18, 2004 November 18, 2005 November 18, 2006 November 18, 2007 November 18, 2008 Today, November 18, 2009 Dear Princess, Happy Birthday!  Happy SIXTH birthday.  This morning as I was making your cinnamon rolls and bacon, a realization struck.  Today, you will have… 

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