Lunchbox Love

lunchbox notes and love with good food

 How do you master the lunchbox?  Do you pack lunches a week at a time, do you include notes, sandwiches cut in fun shapes? One of my lunchbox traditions is to write a note on a napkin or paper towel and put it into the kids’ lunch boxes every day.  Some days it’s a drawing,… 

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Who Me?

who me steal your cornbread?

This is the face of a little boy that snuck in and started eating the cornbread I was photographing when my back was turned… It’s really hard to get mad at that face.

Happy Birthday, G.O.B.

Monkey and GOB

Happy Birthday, to the first man in my life. Happy Birthday to the one who showed me what to look for in a husband   Happy Birthday, to the best Grandpa any Monkey could have.     We love you. Thank you for all the lessons:  love, patience, laughter, appreciation, joy and independence. Thank you… 

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Some Days

Some days, you have to keep holding on   and some days, you just have to take the leap   Listening to: How You Live

Into Every Life…

  A little rain must fall   and the fashion must follow   first rain in months and while  it didn’t last long, the kids made the most of it.