Spinach & Almond Topped Chicken

spinach almond chicken whole with salad

Do you like spinach dip? Do you like chicken? Do you like quick, easy, classic and delicious? If you answered yes to those 3 ‘questions’ ooo baby, do I have a recipe for y’all. Spinach & Almond Topped Chicken This is the 3rd and final recipe for the Hellmann’s Chicken Change Up Program The first… 

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Hip Hoppin’ Monkey

In case you need a grin today – Here’s Monkey’s little Hip Hop performance from his school’s Holiday Extravaganza this past weekend. (He’s the one in blue and grey – my husband was the cameraman) Peace Out, Yo!

Magical Weekend

Y’all know that this past weekend Nathan and I were invited to go to the surprisingly historical city of Galveston for a weekend of fun, food, Magic and Music. I took 800 + pictures. Made new friends, reconnected with a couple of old ones, hugged an old one for the first time and spent the… 

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Pink Glove Dance, Fireworks and Saving The Boobies

I’m a bit passionate about Cancer Research. I believe that there is a cure somewhere and that Saving Second Base is pretty damn important. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There’s this wonderful thing called; “The Pink Glove Dance” It’s a competition to raise awareness, have fun and save lives. I don’t think there’s any… 

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So, This One Time… At BlissDom


I met this guy, named George. Y’all might have heard of him? George Duran Any hoo — This was George’s (see, we’re so on first name basis) second BlissDom and this year, as I was chatting with the people at the ConAgra Booth while George was filming, Dan mentioned: “You’re a George fan, right? and… 

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The Power of A Smile


I think Casey says it best; “No one looks worse, when they smile” Even people who should NEVER use sun in on their  naturally auburn hair 😉 because it makes their hair look like straw. Oh yes, I just shared a picture of me from High School — thanks, Dad 😉 I’m lucky, I was… 

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Chorizo Queso


[donotprint]Football and Texans — We go together like Friday Nights and Football or Hot Caramel and Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream or Velveeta and Ro*Tel. Even though we’re from Texas, my husband is a MAJOR Colts Fan Casey even went to the stadium last year to get him a T-shirt after they won the Superbowl, she… 

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Cha Cha

The Last night of our Carnival Cruise they hosted a Camp Carnival Kids Talent Show, I’ll share more video later, like Monkey break dancing… it’s awesome. However, it’s Friday and everyone needs an ear worm and a smile. Enjoy Princess (in the turquoise dress) rockin’ with the other kids to Cha Cha Slide. Those moves… 

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Valentine’s Day Breakfast Recipes


Okay, Valentine’s day is this weekend and while I’m over here whipping up Cupid cupcakes and Vanilla Glazed Heart Shaped Cookies for a kinder party today, I thought I’d share two of my favorite super easy and DELICIOUS breakfast ideas that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Now, I want y’all to keep in mind that… 

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