Hip Hoppin’ Monkey

In case you need a grin today – Here’s Monkey’s little Hip Hop performance from his school’s Holiday Extravaganza this past weekend. (He’s the one in blue and grey – my husband was the cameraman) Peace Out, Yo!

Magical Weekend

Y’all know that this past weekend Nathan and I were invited to go to the surprisingly historical city of Galveston for a weekend of fun, food, Magic and Music. I took 800 + pictures. Made new friends, reconnected with a couple of old ones, hugged an old one for the first time and spent the… 

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Pink Glove Dance, Fireworks and Saving The Boobies

I’m a bit passionate about Cancer Research. I believe that there is a cure somewhere and that Saving Second Base is pretty damn important. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There’s this wonderful thing called; “The Pink Glove Dance” It’s a competition to raise awareness, have fun and save lives. I don’t think there’s any… 

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So, This One Time… At BlissDom


I met this guy, named George. Y’all might have heard of him? George Duran Any hoo — This was George’s (see, we’re so on first name basis) second BlissDom and this year, as I was chatting with the people at the ConAgra Booth while George was filming, Dan mentioned: “You’re a George fan, right? and… 

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The Power of A Smile


I think Casey says it best; “No one looks worse, when they smile” Even people who should NEVER use sun in on their  naturally auburn hair because it makes their hair look like straw. Oh yes, I just shared a picture of me from High School — thanks, Dad I’m lucky, I was a very… 

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Chorizo Queso


[donotprint]Football and Texans — We go together like Friday Nights and Football or Hot Caramel and Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream or Velveeta and Ro*Tel. Even though we’re from Texas, my husband is a MAJOR Colts Fan Casey even went to the stadium last year to get him a T-shirt after they won the Superbowl, she… 

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Cha Cha

The Last night of our Carnival Cruise they hosted a Camp Carnival Kids Talent Show, I’ll share more video later, like Monkey break dancing… it’s awesome. However, it’s Friday and everyone needs an ear worm and a smile. Enjoy Princess (in the turquoise dress) rockin’ with the other kids to Cha Cha Slide. Those moves… 

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Valentine’s Day Breakfast Recipes


Okay, Valentine’s day is this weekend and while I’m over here whipping up Cupid cupcakes and Vanilla Glazed Heart Shaped Cookies for a kinder party today, I thought I’d share two of my favorite super easy and DELICIOUS breakfast ideas that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Now, I want y’all to keep in mind that… 

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