week 20 weekly meal planning

Weekly Meal Planning {Week 2 (20)}

 Hey y'all!  It's that time again, time to plan our meals for the week.  Feel free to move this one around, and rearrange since it's Thanksgiving Week! I love the Meal Planning ideas and having a delicious pool to choose from makes it even nicer!  Thanks for joining in on my week 2 (total week 20) Easy Recipes Meal Planning!   … [Read More...]

boat racing at the BSA regatta

Scouting the Scouts

I get to do some really neat things with my kids because of this blog of mine; and getting to scout out a local chapter of the Boy Scouts of America with Monkey was a BLAST!  Thank you,Boy Scouts of America for this fun opportunity with my little man. I received an invitation this summer… 

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Weekly Meal Planning

Recipes and Weekly Meal Planning to Make Your Life Easier

Happy Saturday, y’all. As Princess and I head off with friends, family, and teammates for our first ever cheer competition; I’m super excited to tell y’all about a new weekly meal planning project that I’ve joined. While I love to cook, and I cook for my family as often as I can,  I’m terrible at planning the… 

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honey soaked beignet

Quick and Easy Sopapilla Beignets

This deliciously easy sopapilla-beignet-hybrid-cheater recipe is inspired by my kids, our love of cooking with each other, their desire to contribute their own dessert to Thanksgiving, and Pillsbury Grands!®, in conjunction with Tap Influence Growing up in Texas means a familiarity with a delicious puffy, light, fried dough dessert by the name of Sopapilla; growing… 

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mom first bday fix

Happy Birthday, Becca Jane

My mom is an amazing woman. She is strong, beautiful, funny, passionate, loving, smart and the original Southern Belle. She is a SURVIVOR! Happy Birthday Momma. My Mom on her First Birthday My mom making it to her first birthday was a miracle. This picture, is a miracle. My mom was born in mumblefiftymumblesomethingmumble. She… 

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southern chocolate cobbler | A Southern Fairytale

Chocolate Cobbler

Today is National Chocolate Day, and today’s chocolate cobbler recipe is dedicated to Joan Hayes of Chocolate, Chocolate and More. This past week, Joan, one of the most generous, kind, talented, loving members of our food blogging community passed away.  She leaves behind 3 children, hundreds of friends, and a legacy of kindness, laughter, and chocolate.

be the person that makes others feel special

A Dedication to Joan Hayes

I had this week’s ‘This Week in Happiness’ post 98% done, and as I was adding the finishing touches, getting ready to schedule it, the news came through my FB feed…. Joan passed away in her sleep. I didn’t believe it at first.  None of us did.  There are threads upon threads in our Food… 

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Cinnamon and Sugar Snickerdoodle Cookies | A Southern Fairytale


Snickerdoodles, or “Snickering Doodles” as Princess calls them are one of our family’s favorite cookies.   Sweet buttery cookies, rolled in cinnamon-sugar, slow baked to a chewy-crisp perfection, and then sprinkled with a bit more cinnamon-sugar just as they’re removed from the oven to finish them off.

Picture with KiKi and Kelley from Mixed Conference

Mixed Conference 2015

On October 2nd, my boots and I went to the Mixed Conference  at The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center . I love when conferences are within driving distance! I can bring multiple pair of boots! This was my first Mixed Conference, and I was excited to finally meet Paula and Susan in person, get to hang out… 

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boo bucket closeup

Do You Boo?

Do you Boo? As best I can tell, Boo-ing is a southern tradition.  It seems to be as southern as monogrammed yetis, golf carts at pickup, apple pie, and maroon vs orange.  (Gig ’em!) This kind of Boo-ing  isn’t the kind that you do when you jump out of the shadows and scream “Boo”  at… 

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BE fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

This Week in Happiness {Week 29}

Y’all, I am so happy to be back to posting my ‘This Week in Happiness’ posts. I love sharing what’s making me happy, and that quote up there ^^ that I found via Buzzfeed Health on Instagram absolutely shot straight to my soul and resonated deeply with me.  I knew immediately that this was the… 

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Our Carnival Cruise Ship Table

Out of The Kitchen: Experiencing New Things

Several years ago, our family went on our first cruise together.  Nathan and I were excited, and a little apprehensive about the formal sit-down dining experience. The kids were 7 and 4, at the time, and while they’re used to sitting around our family table, and occasionally eating at restaurants that didn’t prominently feature a playground; a formal sit… 

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ice cream cone cupcakes for the birthday boy


NINE!  How are you already nine years old? It was just a minute ago that you were a tee-tiny little newborn nestled in my arms. From the moment you entered this world, you made yourself known.  Even though you were only 6 lbs, you were already a force to be reckoned with.

lunchbox notes and love with good food

Lunchbox Love

 How do you master the lunchbox?  Do you pack lunches a week at a time, do you include notes, sandwiches cut in fun shapes? One of my lunchbox traditions is to write a note on a napkin or paper towel and put it into the kids’ lunch boxes every day.  Some days it’s a drawing,… 

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spinach artichoke grilled pizza | A Southern Fairytale

Spinach and Artichoke Dip Grilled Pizza

Grilled spinach artichoke dip pizza.   Spinach and artichoke dip is one of my weaknesses;