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someone found the face off shot to be disturbing and although I cannot imagine why, and I’m saddened that someone would see something ‘disturbing’ or ugly in what I experienced to be a funny stare down ‘face off’ between a father and son, I thought I would show y’all the picture taken immediately after. When Nathan swung Monkey up into his lap, laughing because they were having so much fun.
I can see that someone who isn’t a regular visitor and reader might not know us and so might take something out of context, but apparently it needs to be said: that picture was taken in a fun moment between a father and a son, there was nothing disturbing or malicious or anything ugly about it at all.


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  1. Those are all great shots!! I actually like the face off. Even though this one is in fun, if it was serious I would still like it. Too many photos are taken of JUST the good times, not that there is anything wrong with that but I do try to take photos of the not so cute, just for a little balance or a reality check because life is not all roses.

    Kaytabug’s latest brilianceBack in the Day

  2. Disturbing? I don’t think so. Head-over-heels beautiful? Absolutely! Great shots, Rach! I’m sorry you felt that you had to put a disclaimer in your blog. You have so much talent and it’s clear how much you love your family. Keep it up, woman!

  3. Now, see, I ♥ ‘face off’ because any parent of little boys would know that happens about eleventy-thousand times a day. Love the ‘small things’, too – his freckles are CA-YUTE!

    Colleen – Mommy Always Wins’s latest brilianceWeekly Winners – January 18 – 24, 2009

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