When Good Manners Go Bad

We’ve been working with Princess on her manners. She does tremendously well always uses Yes Ma’am, Please, Thank You and the like. Our new one is Excuse Me, for when she bumps into someone or when she needs to get through somewhere or when heaven help me.. she burps. So… she’s gotten really good at saying excuse me when she burps even if she does it with a devilish grin on her pretty little face.So here we are walking through Home Depot and Princess  farts…. wait.. here comes the good part. She stops dead in her tracks and at the top of her considerable lungs she says…. “Excuse me that was my bottom burping.. Bottom stop burping, that’s gross!” All the while she is wagging her finger and addressing her bottom as if it were a separate entity.
Mortified much? Nope.. Laughing my tail off.. oh yes… I think the laughter is still ringing through the rafters of Home Depot and we’ve been home for a good 30 minutes now.

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