Why After The I Do’s?

(My old site was called : After The I Do’s)

someone asked me today.. why i named this after the i do’s.. well it’s a good question, here’s the answer.
In a fairy tale; the wedding, the I do’s is always where it ends.. at happily ever after. Well, in my opinion, the “I Do’s” is not the ending, but merely the beginning of the amazing journey, the happily and medioc”rily” every after. ( yeah it’s a me word, deal with it)
Is it always a fairytale… hell no. But it’s sure never boring.
I had a great life before, but it really began…. After the I do’s.
The I Do’s gave me depth and dimension.
He was already mine… so to speak. We were practically married as we were living in sin and all.. but we weren’t married and that’s the point. The I Do’s bonded us. We pledged before friends, family and God to be forever, to support eachother, to be the sounding board, the supporter, the lover, the best friend. It’s a serious thing and at the same time the coolest trip you’ll ever take. I always said.. it’s just a piece of paper.. but come on I was raised on these fairy tales.. who was I kidding? Exactly.. nobody.. but little did I know just exactly how much “the I do’s” really meant and what they would mean. They changed nothing and everything all at the same time.
My trip has been going on for nearly six years now and I’m not an expert.
We argue.. we laugh.. we produced two amazingly beautiful and funny, (so far) kids. We laugh, we pout, we ignore.. but most of all we communicate.. we talk.. we laugh.. we share.
This is where the fairytales always end with the veil and the tux and the horsedrawn pumpkin carriage.
I got my Prince Charming and I thank God every day that he didn’t let me screw it up.
The kiss always saves the princess… well in this fairynotsomuch tale… the kiss gets the princess’ attention.. but the heart and the humor is what seals the deal.
That’s why it’s named: aftertheidos… because the beginning of my life was at the end of the ido’s

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