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The death of a reindeer…

Santa is in mourning this evening as his poor reindeer has been forever deleted from the header of this wonderful blog.

Send flowers to the North Pole…

The Egel Nest

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  1. *thud*

    OMG! Thank you so much Bradley!!
    LMAO! No way am I deleting this!!!!
    You are too much!!!
    Poor Santa and the deranged, power hungry Rudolph.

  2. Sympathy to Santa, Thank you to Bradley and Congratulations to me for that demonic reindeer being exorcised from my page! LOL!!

  3. thanks for stopping by, i put your blog on my favorites to keep stopping by and read. your blog looks pretty, so i see you don’t need my help at all!! sorry i missed the reinder and santa heading!

  4. Oh, sweetie…I am doing a little happy dance for you…I am so glad that Bradley helped you out…I knew he could do it..Thanks Bradley..xoxoxo..

  5. LOL.

    Poor reindeer… That’s what he gets for trying to bring some Christmas cheer to you grinches. 🙂

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