Haiku Friday (my first)

Haiku Friday

Stockings have been hung
tree lit and decorated
cookies and treats baked

The weather outside
is balmy, a nice eighty
Christmas in Texas

Flip Flops T-shirts Shorts
The Beach is calling our names
Merry Christmas Y’all

This is the first Haiku I have written in about 17 years so please forgive me!
This was fun and now I’ll be thinking 5,7,5 for the rest of the day!! LOL!

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  1. that was so awesome!!! i’m impressed, for your first time. they’re fun, aren’t they?!
    i guess, since you did this, now i have to do the 13 thursday, huh?

  2. great Haiku! it’s so weird to think of it being that warm at Christmas time…of course, i live in Canada! 😉

  3. You did great for your first one!

    I’m jealous and sad about your weather. It is crappy here, raining and cold. But, always living on the East Coast, I don’t know how it can “feel” like Christmas without it being cold and/or miserable out.

    I do enjoy flip flops thought!!

  4. HOUSE- i love that one. i just didn’t list it because it’s on break til January. That wouldv’e bumped Real Housewives, which now that i think of it, should be my dirty little secret. 🙂
    I never miss a Extreme Home Makeover, so technically it’s not on my DVR!

  5. LOL. It’s getting hot again here too…

    Great post! I can totally hear you reading it aloud without an accent of any sort.

  6. You’ll start thinking in 5-7-5 all the time soon. And, I am loving our weather. We can go out and play in this 80 degrees. So much fun!!

  7. We are actually down in the 60’s here today. No chance of snow, but at least it’s not 80.

    Of course it is four more days until Christmas. We could be under a heat advisory by then!

  8. Merry Christmas in Texas!

    I have to say I walked 5 blocks today wrapped in a scarf and mittens. 41 degrees and drizzling. I loved every minute of it.
    I think I would love a Texas Christmas, too. I’m easy to please that way.

    Thanks so much for your comments. You always leave me smiling!

    Yes, I appreciated my dog saving me from the excess calories, my husband… not so much.

  9. YAY- I’m not the only person to use “y’all” in a haiku today!!

    Send some 80 degree weather here please! 😀

  10. Great haiku! But I am sooo not for the warm Christmas! Shouldn’t there be snow – and white (or tan) sand doesn’t count!!!!

    Happy Holidays!

  11. This was a good Haiku and I can relate, as I am also here in Texas – LET IT SNOW – I don’t want to go to the beach. Take care. Kellan

  12. Great effort. As a writer of prose, I have the highest admiration for all my friends who write haikus.

    Keep smiling


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