A fairynotsomuch tale, After The I Do’s.

June 2, 2001

I was browsing through my documents today and I found this lovely little number.
Once upon a million years ago, okay 10 months or so, I had a little blog on WP. It just didn’t work for me. But, it was titled After The I Do’s. Someone asked me why. I thought I would share, and it is totally relevant because this blog is housed at ‘A Southern Fairytale’.

Why I named this After The I Do’s. Well it’s a good question, here’s the answer.
In a fairy tale; the wedding, the I Do’s is always where it ends.. at happily ever after. Well, in my opinion, the “I Do’s” is not the ending, but merely the beginning of the amazing journey, the happily and medioc”rily” every after. ( yeah it’s a me word, deal with it)
Is it always a fairytale… hell no. But it’s sure never boring.
I had a great life before, but it really began…. After the I Do’s.
The I Do’s gave me depth and dimension.
He was already mine, so to speak. We were practically married as we were living in sin and all.. but we weren’t married and that’s the point. The I Do’s bonded us. We pledged before friends, family and God to be forever, to support each other, to be the sounding board, the supporter, the lover, the best friend. It’s a serious thing and at the same time the coolest trip you’ll ever take. I always said, “It’s just a piece of paper.” But come on, I was raised on these fairy tales and who was I kidding? Exactly.. nobody. But, little did I know just exactly how much “the I Do’s” really meant and what they would mean. They changed nothing and everything all at the same time.
My trip has been going on for nearly seven years now and I’m not an expert.
We argue.. we laugh.. we produced two amazingly beautiful and so far, funny kids. We laugh, we pout, we ignore.. but most of all we communicate.. we talk.. we laugh.. we share.
This is where the fairytales always end with the veil and the tux and the horse drawn pumpkin carriage.
I got my Prince Charming and I thank God every day that he didn’t let me screw it up, he rescued me, not from a fire breathing dragon… but from myself. (Thanks honey)
In a fairytale the kiss always saves the princess… well in this fairynotsomuch tale… the kiss gets the princess’ attention.. but the heart and the humor that is what sealed the deal.
That’s why it’s named: aftertheidos A Southern Fairytle, because the beginning of my life was at the end of the I Do’s.

** From The Land of Monkeys and Princesses, well… that was easy. I’m a SAHM and I have a Monkey and a Princess.

June 2, 2001

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  1. How true, how true, Rachel. Sometimes I wish for our daughters’ sakes there were addendums to the fairy tales. But at least they end happily ever after and not happily ever after until they got sick of each other and got divorced!

  2. When single people ask me what changed after marriage, I have a hard time articulating. You did a great job.
    Emily R

  3. You’ve captured the “beauty” of marriage very well! After 17 1/2 years of marriage I would have to say that it is a rollercoaster – take a seat, strap yourself in and get ready for a wild ride!

  4. Thanks y’all. 🙂
    Jenni, very true.
    Emily, thank you 🙂
    Sheila, wow… 17 1/2 years!! It is a wild ride, but it’s a great one!

  5. Very well said. It is so, so important that our children know the importance of marriage vows and that it’s not always easy. I’m looking forward to talking to my grandparents, this Christmas. Married 60 years, dated only 3 weeks. Wonder what their secret is.

  6. What a great post! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am going to add you to my reader so I will be sure to find my way back to your non-fairytale land 🙂

  7. love that post!!! you guys were babies, when you got married!
    i just want to say, about jenni’s comment, being once divorced…i didn’t get sick of my ex…sometimes, there is no other option, in the fairytale, then to have a not so happy ending…it happens.
    anyway, well said!!!

  8. I agree, after saying the I do’s is only the beginning of the greatest journey in our lives. After being married for only a little over 4 years, I’m sure that we still have a long adventure ahead of us.

  9. Hubs and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary together last month and we were talking just a few nights ago about how in those 5 years we have been though enough to feel like 30. We agreed that we have survived the 30 years because we learned to talk. You are absolutely right about it all.

  10. I do believe this is my absolute favorite post you have put up on here…darlin’ that was special! You two looked so young when you married…wow! You were a beautiful bride and what a handsome prince charming you found for yourself!
    Happy Holidays!

  11. My husband and I lived in sin before we were married also. Your right, so much changes, even though it looks like the same life, only “legal”.

    I’ve been married almost 11 years and I still marvel at that “So in Love feeling” I got on my honeymoon. I never thought that those feelings could get stronger. And sometimes they weren’t as strong. But after 10 years I can say that that love is more intense, mature, and lasting than what I felt all those years ago.

  12. suchsimplepleasures

    I, too have been divorced and I completely understand there are many valid reasons for divorce. Unfortunately, mine were pretty shallow. I hope to show my kids’ the work that real love and lasting marriage take.

  13. Hi Rachel, thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll be back to read your post. Now, I have to go out and see you around. By the way, I would like to include your blog in my blogroll. I have created one for cre8buzz community. Is it ok with you?

  14. hey…i read your comment on fiesty’s blog…i hope your monkey is feeling better!
    take care and have an awesome holiday!!!

  15. I wish more people felt the way you do. I have seen some marriages end with little attempt to salvage it. A marriage is work but it so pays off when you do it right. Keep it up!

  16. That’s marriage, isn’t it? I wonder whether we should introduce fairy tales to our kids and implant into them that marriages will end happily ever after. Hmmm…

  17. Prince Charming? You can have him. I want his rich and well endowed brother, Prince Chazz.


    Beautiful couple, by the way.

  18. The wedding is the easy part. That’s why it gets an easy ending.

    Its the life you build together that takes work. That’s why its called “building”. Anything that has to be built, needs to be maintained in order to keep it standing, because anything you ignore or put off fixing long enough eventually crumbles.

    We just celebrated our 15th anniversary a few days ago, and I will go on record as stating, unequivically (I’m sure I spelled that wrong.. lol) that I am so much happier with my “tarnished” knight than I ever could have been with Prince Charming! 🙂

  19. Yep:

    He’s my knight in dented armor, and I adore him.
    SM, thanks so much for chiming in 🙂
    He is my absolute prince charming, but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect. But I loves him 🙂 LOL.
    Merry Christmas y’all!

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