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Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday

Sickness reigns supreme
germs running wild through this house
ear infections, strep

Pink Eye, bronchitis
husband can’t see, son can’t breathe
daughter can’t swallow

Breathing treatments, drops
swallow this, drops here, drops there
medicines galore

Mommy is healthy
Can’t get sick, must stay healthy
no kisses, just hugs

When will they be well?
Please let it be very soon
Mommy needs some sleep

** This is my second haiku in about 17 years.
Better Haikus can be found here and if you want to play along, click here. Follow those links, create your own and go visit other Friday ‘Ku’ers. Share the love and go crazy in 5-7-5 speak 🙂

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  1. This was a great haiku! I mean, not great for what’s going on in your house, but great writing!

    Oh, and remind me never to come over to your house lest you buy stock in Lysol.

    P.S. My word verificationis “fckohvag” – doesn’t that just seem naughty? lol.

    P.P.S. Hope everone feels better soon! There’s nothing worse than a house full of sick kids (husband included)

  2. So sorry your household is filled with sickness!

    Here’s to a MUCH healthier New Year!

    Take care, and be well!!


  3. Ugh! I hope the whole clan gets well soon and you stay healthy. My husband has the flu…if I catch it from him, he’s going to have to PAY big time!

  4. Hey, dollface..so sorry to hear everyone is sick…your haiku was awesome…maybe one of these days I will give it a whirl…hope all of you are doing much better by the New Year….have a great one!

  5. that was a great haiku! you’d better stay well…mommy not allowed to have sick time!!!
    btw…i agree with andreanna…lysol! everything! now!

  6. Oh, the joys of parenthood. I truly enjoyed your ku. And, believe me, you’ll start dreaming in 5-7-5 before long.

    I wonder if there are bug bombs made of Lysol??

  7. Mine is much shorter, but in the same vein! Great job!

    However you made my head hurt with your effect/affect comment on suchsimplepleasure’s Haiku!


    Oh and just slather on the Vicks Vaporub! My daughter hates the smell so much I think she wills herself to be well!!

  8. ugh! what a way to begin the new year!

    wonderful ‘ku, though. at least there was inspiration in all that sickie stuff

  9. Impressive! I don’t think I’ve ever tried to do a haiku (except perhaps in work while bored) but those are pretty good!

  10. Ah yes, it’s that wonderful time of year isn’t it? I do hope everyone gets better soon so you can get much deserved rest.

  11. I liked your haiku very much and am so sorry that everyone is so sick. Get well soon to your family. Take care. Kellan

  12. What a bummer that you’re entire household (but you) is sick!
    I hope your bubble of immunity continues to hold up as you nurse everyone back to good health!

  13. I’m so sorry the little ones are sick! I know they will feel better soon.
    and for you? airborne, airborne, airborne!
    I know they say not to overdo it but I say go for it (just this once!)

  14. WOW…your family sure has been through the ringer this year with illnesses….sure hope everyone gets better soon….sending healthy, happy thoughts your way!

  15. Hilarious!! And yes, Mommy can’t get sick because who would take care of everyone else? Then again who would take care of Mommy? I would love to have a sick day, it’s been 12 1/2 years, I think I’m due…

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