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  1. Oh, that sounds wonderful. You are right. It’s a blessing when siblings get along. Have a great weekend, R.

  2. I love it…beautiful! That sound is music to my ears. We’ve had a lot of sibling bickering lately. 😉

  3. Sibling love can brighten up any day, even when it is only 5 minutes of love in the middle of a whole day of bickering!

  4. oh…that was so pretty! loved it! i would tell you to NOT go read my ridiculous ones but…you’ve already been there, done that!

  5. oh, what a sweet haiku! our boys don’t get a long all the time….one is 18 months, and one is 2.5 years old. the age difference makes it so that my older son doesn’t have the patience for my youngest. but when they do get along, when they are playing together…chasing, peek-a-boo, whatever, and they are laughing hysterically…that’s the best thing in the world, isn’t it? 🙂

  6. it is those moments that almost bring a tear of joy to my eye…then someone clobbers the other and the moment’s beauty has vanished….aw though, to cherish those fleeting moments of sibling love…. sweet.

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