Let it Snow?

That’s right. Didn’t you hear? It snowed last week in South Texas. Or at least it did at my house.
Who needs real snow and 30 degree weather, when you have mom’s shredder and 70 degree weather?
Another one of those parenting moments where I have two choices. A) yell and get mad because he has dumped 5 pounds of shredded paper all over the floor and Dyson or not, that stuff is a PITA to clean up or B) get down on the floor and play in the ‘snow’ with them.
I chose option B.
When you look at those faces, how could I not.
We had 45 minutes of picture taking, throwing snow and general hilarity. That 45 minutes has given us a precious moment that’s worth more than words to me, and a wonderful fun mom memory for my kids.

Thank you God for the grace and the ability to look beyond my initial response of frustration and see the opportunity ahead of me.

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  1. I love your last sentence. So very true.

    Way to go mommy! Looks like a great time playing in the South Texas snow.

  2. Good job! They grow up soooo fast, it’s so important to make the best of every moment while they’re little. That looks like fun playing the “snow”.

  3. You are such a great mommy…I would probably have been totally upset…another mess to clean, you know? Good for you…..you fulfilled one of my new years resolutions…not to freak out over the little messes….get down on the floor and actually play with them in the mess….YOU ARE MY HERO…THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS…..
    Seriously..you deserve the mommy of the year award!

  4. Hmm . . . I may have to buy a shredder just so we can have fun in a snowstorm. That looks like a blast!

  5. Great post! Sometimes it’s just necessary to put being a parent on the back burner so that we can enjoy the way the world looks thru our childrens eyes.

  6. What a great idea! You surely exhibited grace under pressure. Not so sure I could have done the same…I hope I remember this post in the future!

  7. I have come to the conclusion with stuff like that around the house that as long as she’s happy and the house and/or pets are not aflame, it can all be taken in stride. 🙂

    Glad you found a great moment.

  8. That’s right. Let em enjoy being kids. Today my boys came upstairs from setting up a tea party in the basement. Which means they went through the closet that I usually forbid and found all the chairs anad table. They came up and asked for plastic cups for their party. I said no because when I saw their scheme, I began to combine the party with lunch. I had cheese and crackers, some chips and a cookie with real tea cups and a small pitcher so they could pour their own tea. I waited on them and called them sir. They LOVED IT and I was so glad I didn’t freak out on them. I may freak out next time, who knows, but today it was fun.

  9. This post reminds me of one of my favorite sayings:
    Cleaning your houses while your kids are still growing is like shoveling snow while it’s still snowing!
    Love that you guys had a great time. The munchkins look so happy!

  10. We have the same pictures except with Special K all over the floor instead of shredded paper and a very happy dog nobly trying to “clean up” the Special K next to the oblivious children.

  11. I am impressed with how well you handled that. You are amazing. I want to be like you. LOL! The pics are too darn cute.

  12. My initial reaction would have been frustration. Then I would have thought, “Hey, at least I’ll get a good post out of it.” Good job! They look so happy

  13. Oh you’re a good mama Rachel! I think so much of parenting is rolling with the punches. Love the photos. Hooray for “snow!”

  14. I so would have yelled and cleaned that up! Glad you got to enjoy that moment! The pics are so darn cute!!

  15. Wonderful response! I agree with “domestic accident on mother of the year award….You Will treasure those moments later..and you got great pics!

  16. Love this! Moments like these are harder to come by as they get older, so how wonderful that you grabbed it when you could!

  17. This is why you are the best mommy ever!
    Good job, great pictures and wonderful reminder for all us mommies who try to balance a clean home with happy kids.

  18. That’s awesome. Be glad you aren’t up here…the winds are blowing fences down. I’m so blustered out.

  19. he is so creative!!! hilarious! you handled it very well. i would have been screaming profanities…mostly because my dyson sucks and would have refused to work on all that paper!!

  20. That looks like so much fun! When I worked in daycare (a million years ago) I had all the parents bring in packing peanuts in July so we could have snow in the classroom. Then I encouraged them to help clean up! I wish now I’d done that with the kids in Florida. Thanks for the sweet visual!

  21. You did right! That last picture was worth the whole mess! (Of course it was to me – I didn’t have to clean up…)

  22. How fun! And good for you making the best of it! My kiddos did that with flour once. I did take pics after I screamed…a lot!

  23. Sometimes all you can do is join the fun or you get carted off to the “funny farm.” Enjoy your babies while they’re babies… kudos to you!

  24. You are awesome! I’m SO the kind of Mom who would’ve been mad…but I SO wish I was the kind of Mom who wouldn’t have been.

  25. I probably would have played as well… Then spent the rest of the months trying to clean up all those little pieces… Great Pics BTW…

    Doing a little lunchtime blog hopping while 7.5yo is at school, 3.5 yo is relaxing with mom and baby is sleeping on Mom

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