Hard headed child meets harder brick fireplace

So this innocent little fireplace is minding it’s own business when out of nowhere WHAMMO!! It gets attacked by the princess’ head. Now, up until this point I have been convinced that her head is the hardest substance on earth. It would appear, I have been wrong.

The poor little fireplace. I know what it’s thinking.

“I’ve been your stage, your runway, a place for you to cuddle and sleep and perform random acts of prissiness and this is how you treat me! You attack me with your head!”

After much screaming, I got to see her head. This is what I saw. (Notice the ‘gymnaskits’ leotard under all the blood) Not too pretty, is it?

We rush to the bathroom, I clean her up and this is what I see after all the blood and goop have been soaked away. The doctor said to put an ice pack on it and to keep a close eye on her. What does she do? “Mom, do I need stitches?” When I tell her no. “So can we go to gymnaskits, please. I’ll tell Coach Laura to be careful of my head”
So, off to ‘gymnaskits’ we went, she didn’t do much. But she was there.

The next day, this is what it looked like. It is looking better every day. It’s going to scar and she still has a little knot and an ugly looking scabbed up place on the back of her head, but my kid is a trooper.

Now, because that wasn’t enough drama for one week.

Monkey starts to sound as though he’s breathing through water and his cough sounds like it belongs in an 80 year old lifelong smoker who’s trying to cough up his own lung.
Visions of RSV, breathing treatments, ER and steroids run through my head
His temp spiked to 103.2 for 2 days off and on so after two doctor’s visits they determine it might be pneumonia. So he gets a coke bottle (seriously) full of blood drawn from his tiny little arm. A shot of steroids and antibiotics in each chubby thigh and then an X-ray taken of his lungs.

He spent his evening, every 4 hours, attached to this fun little machine breathing in medicine.

Isn’t this little band-aid sad! It was on his arm where they drew the blood and I had to capture a picture of it. I felt so bad for him.

The X-ray tech was really wonderful and even let Princess look at the X-rays of Monkey when they were developed. He pointed out his lungs, teeth and heart for her. She wanted to take the X-rays home :-).

We are currently waiting for the Doctor’s office to open so we can figure out if it’s bronchitis or pneumonia and what our next course of treatment is.

Have a wonderful, healthy and hopefully uneventful day my lovelies!

5 PM Update. It is pneumonia. He is starting on an oral antibiotic and a steroid combined with the breathing treatments. We go back to the Dr on Friday morning.


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  1. Good grief! Head wounds bleed terribly, thus scaring the crap out of parents, but thank goodness it wasn’t serious.

    And the little guy? Hope he’s doing better soon. Those breathers just aren’t fun. Thankfully we haven’t had to use ours in a few years.

  2. That is alot for one week…what is next? Frogs, rivers turing to blood, locust? I hate head wounds…they bleed so much that your heart hurts. And Monkey…poor Monkey. Cute post with a bunch of bad stuff!

  3. sounds like you guys have been put through the ringer! We are on that crazy breathing machine too! Big hugs to you today!

  4. oh goodness, we have a brick “stage” also. I’m always scared Allie will hit her head on it. Though she is very excited that she will be starting ‘gymnaskits’ soon. haha. 🙂 I hope your babies are well soon.

  5. Oh! Poor babies! We’ve been there too. It’s like life is all fine and then wham! in one week you’re your own ER ward. It sucks! Hang in there!!

  6. oh my goodness! with all of that blood, I was certain the gash was much larger. I know head wounds bleed a lot but…

  7. You weren’t kidding about that head wound. Poor sweetie. But, gymnastics always comes first. I hope the baby has something very easy to treat. And, this weekend, you deserve a pedicure.

  8. I’m so very glad she is OK but your dialogue from the fireplace cracks me up!

    We did a lot of breathing treatments last winter. Now Miss A takes a daily Singulair and she has not been sick at all this winter!

    Hope your babies are all better very soon!

  9. Aw, poor sweetie – those things bleed like crazy, don’t they? Much more traumatizing for us than for them!!

  10. Oh my goodness.. seriously.. are you okay because that is a lot of stuff you have going on right now. I remember Donnie smaking his head once… the blood was everywhere and it was a tiny scratch.. those pictures were scary though..

    I hope little man is feeling a little bit better..

    Hugs to you!!

  11. oh honey…too much excitement for one day!! i hope everyone heals!!

    i know, from firsthand experience, how head wounds bleed! my son, when he was 4…a kid on a playground threw a rock at him…his head. it was profusely bleeding…just like your daughters…i just had major flashbacks!!
    and…we went through pneumonia…a couple of months ago!! i hope he gets better soon!! so yucky!! and then…you need a vacation!!

  12. wow!! bloooody! but head injuries always bleed so much, but that little blonde head…wow!

    ok so the “stage” loooove it.

  13. My kids don’t get along with fireplaces either but our adventures usuallu involve teeth and the child thinking he can finally get that toy he wanted cause the toothfairy is coming… geesh! Kids!

    I’m glad they are both feeling better!

  14. Sounds like you have had your hands full..poor little munchkins…I am so glad the head wound wasn’t any worse. That is a scary thing…I have done the breathing treatments with my youngest and that can be scary too. Hope all is well with everyone now.

  15. Oh my, talk about being put the wringer! That first shot looks the Carrie movie! I’d be a wreck. Sending lots of best wishes your way my friend. TAKE CARE. Those are orders.

  16. Wow! Sounds like you’ve got your hands full. Glad the princess and the fireplace have recovered! Hope Monkey feels better soon!

    Hang in there! Surely spring is around the corner…

  17. i feel your pain! my child has had head injuries (note multiple) and breathing treatments this past week! so sorry to hear your little ones are suffering…spring is almost here!

  18. Oh my gosh – you poor thing! What a rough week. But it sounds like you have two great little troopers. Here’s to a peaceful next few days.

  19. Wow this was quite the blood soaked post today, eh!

    Can you believe how much the tiniest head injuries bleed???? Wowza! And your poor Monkey! Hope he gets well soon!

  20. What we’re all wondering is, how did the fireplace pull through?

    I’m your princess is unscathed. My kids do things like this from time ti time, just to prove they are mortal.

  21. OH my gosh! I literally gasped when I scrolled down to that photo! What a week you’re having!! I would have been sobbing right along with her!

    And I hope Monkey feels better soon. 🙁

  22. Holy Hell honey!! Hope Princess is feeling better! What did the doc say about monkey??

    BTW, I tagged you for a fun little meme…no rush though, come by my bloggy blog when you have a minute.

    love ya!

  23. Oh dear! That looks like quite a gash! Poor thing! I’m surprised you calmed her down with all that blood.

    I have been through so many blood draws and a couple of bouts of pneumonia with my five year old son. A couple of times that he’s had bad respiratory infections, I almost wished it would be bacterial pneumonia so he could get shots of Rocephin and knock it out. That stuff is amazing.

  24. Oy, Rachel! Enough already!

    I am so sorry about the head wound and the pneumonia.

    I hope everyone heals quickly and thoroughly and your household gets back to normal.

    Lots of love,

  25. My God woman.
    How are you holding together. I almost passed out from the sight of all that blood.
    And pneumonia?
    Hang on a sec…..
    Ok, I just had to say a little prayer.
    God be with you.

  26. My goodness. You have to deal with all that? Yikes! I am totally feeling for you here. Bumps and bruises…pneumonia! Hopefully everyone RECOVERS soon!!!

  27. Eek! Pneumonia! hope he’s feeling better really soon.

    My daughter fell onto a table and by the time I’d picked her up there was a know on her forehead the size of a walnut. Head bumps are scary.

  28. Those are some tough kids ya got there, Rachel. I would have been screaming if I’d seen all that blood on my princess. And to have to put your baby on a breathing machine! Sheesh!

  29. Oh no! Your poor babies and poor mommy for having a heart attack through all of this. I hope Princess’ head feels better and heals soon, and Monkey’s pneumonia clears up quickly 🙁
    Hang in there!

  30. Thanks so much for all the well wishes and love y’all! It’s been a long few days but I’m hoping tomorrow will be brighter and less phlegmy.
    I’ll keep you all updated, thanks for the mutual head banging stories!

  31. Oh goodness!! The only of my kids ever to have stitches so far is Courtney – when she was 2 – kit her forehead on our fireplace. I’m sorry your sweetie had such a bad fall – I hope she feels better soon and also your little one! You take care too Rachel – see you soon. Kellan

  32. Dang girl, I just got chills all over my arms when I saw that first picture of her head. I almost started crying for you. Glad it’s healing retty well.

    For the little monkey, I hope the meds kick in soon and he gets better.

  33. Oh, Rachel! Major (((hugs)) sweetie. I feel so bad for you, Princess and Monkey!

    You guys are in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

  34. Yikes!!! That head…ug. I have 3 kids, aged 13, 9 and 4, and we’ve never had a head injury. Of course now that I say that, something will happen this afternoon.

    And as someone who has dealt with my daughter’s chronic pneumonia issues, hang in there. Poor little guy.

  35. I would have just passed out and quit right there. No, I would have run screaming for 911.
    I would not have handled your week well. You are spectacular.

  36. Oh you poor thing!! This has been a crazy few days for you huh?? Glad Princess is okay and I hope that Monkey gets better! We use that damn nebulizer so much that we own one!

  37. Amy we own that sucker. Bought it when he was one month old and had that horrid RSV that I thought was going to unhinge me.

    Moosh: Ha. I adore you. I think I’m falling over, you commented. OMG.

  38. I am so glad they are going to be okay.

    Both of those things are scary on their own, but to have to deal with them both at the same time – ouch!

  39. Those fireplaces have been known to poke eyes right out. Take that moment to scare your daughter into extreme safety. You have a lot going on girlfriend. Yikes. Take care over there.

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