Haiku To You, Too

Oh Doctor’s Office
Why tell me 9:45
but mean 11:00?

The waiting, not fun
Hard to keep them entertained
when there are no toys

Finally, we’re in
Pneumonia is improving
Confirms the pinkeye

Discover she needs
her 4 year vaccinations
That kid has got lungs

suckers and stickers
and now they are both all smiles
off to fill the scrip

How much for eye drops?
and that’s with the insurance
holy bloody hell

$400 dollars
in one week, for two children
that’s with insurance

I need to go sleep
Thanks for all of your support
Y’all totally rock

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Christine is taking her Final Leap of Faith today, go check her out and cheer her on.

It’s Leap Year people and today’s the Leap. Have a great one.


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  1. When the doctor’s office makes me wait that long I don’t care if the kids go wild. I figure they asked for it by making me wait with 3 small kids.
    Hope everyone is on the mend!

  2. $400? That’s insane! I hope most of that was towards a deductible! Just keep your receipts for next years taxes!

    BTW, thanks for your love this morning. I’m thinking after wonderful comments like yours and a nice weekend, I’ll feel like myself by Monday.

    Happy weekend!

  3. I can not believe the price of health care and health insurance. $400 that sucks!!!
    Why do they say to come 2 hours before you actually see the doctor. I hate that.
    I hope you some how have a good weekend.

  4. Jenni:

    That’s doctor’s fees and medicine.
    20/per kid per visit
    and then the medicines.
    It’s absurd.
    50 deductible per kid for the meds.
    But still, I don’t know how people who don’t have insurance do it!!
    Hope you do have a better weekend/week!

  5. Ugh, that is a long wait. I hope you smeared snot all over the doc’s hand when he/she finally came in!!

    Really great Haiku!

  6. Great one! I mean, except for the $400 and crankiness and waiting and wailing and all that you had to endure for inspiration.

  7. Would you believe its just as difficult to keep a teenager amused at the doctor’s office? Especially when they don’t let you have your cell phone turned on. 🙂

  8. Your insurance isn’t the best, is it? I really hope you guys are on the mend because you wont’ be able to afford gas to go to the doctor’s at that rate.

  9. Great Haiku!

    I love ’em but can’t do ’em to save my life! lol

    hope everyone gets better at your house soon. 🙂

  10. i finally found a dr. office that, when they say 9:30 they mean 9:40!! hey…that’s not bad!!
    i would have had a huge fit…waiting that long!!
    insurance isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be…especially the prescription coverage part of it!!
    i hope you all get better soon!!

  11. It totally pisses me off when the dr’s offices ignore your appt times…hell, my time is just as valuable as theirs..plus, I am paying them for a service….in actuality, they work for me…$400….hell, if I had spent that today, I would be drunk by now…hope all is well.
    Bloghopping…sober….believe it or not…

  12. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

    Happy Friday! Blog Hoppin’!
    ~”Margarita Mom”

  13. wow. I have never had a doctor’s office make me wait that long. That is ridiculous and very unprofessional on their part.

    Sorry about the pink eye. We had it here and it was a bummer.

    Anastasia Beaverhousin

  14. We actually have awesome insurance, it’s just the amount and cost of the medicines plus all the doctor’s visits. We had to meet our deductible for the meds too, this is the first time we’ve filled anything in 2008. So it’s been a beast!!

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