One Dim Bulb

Seriously y’all. There are times that I’m dimmer than a Scooby Doo Night Light.
I was talking to my Dad the day after Princess got stung by the jellyfish. I mentioned that we took her to a Pirate themed restaurant to eat afterwards to cheer her up and he asked me if there was a guy walking around with a guitar singing… there actually was, he said: “Okay, glad to know where he’s working”. I just ‘uh huh’d’ it and went on chatting with him, not giving it a second thought…
It’s what.. a week or so later and today I saw that commercial. Yup, you know this one.
BING BANG BOOM! Light bulbs went on in my head, that would be what my dad was referring to.
Seriously, sometimes I can be so slow.
Does anyone else hear George Lopez saying ‘Dee Dee Dee’?.
So, do I call him and admit my momentary lapse of synapse firing? Or wait for him to read this and see if he calls me to snicker?
What would you do?

** Oh, speaking of bulbs… have y’all switched to CFL’s yet? If not.. what the heck are you waiting for? Get on it! Save yourself and the earth some much needed GREEN!

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  1. I don’t watch many commercials, but after you said it, I remember that one. But I’m a dum dum. 🙂

    You should play it off.


  2. I love that commercial! It’s got one of those songs that get stuck in your head. There’s another funny one too about a guy stuck in his in-law’s basement because he should have checked his wife’s credit before they got married.

  3. I have seen the commercial, but would not have put two and two together. Your Dad has a quick with!

    I’d let him know, he’ll probably get a laugh out of it!

  4. If I see that commercial, I walk around singing that song all day long. Drives everyone, myself included, crazy. But, I don’t know if I would have gotten it either, if that makes you feel any better.

  5. I LOVE that commercial. I walk around singing that stupid song for days. I love the newer one with the junkie car, too. Funny stuff.

  6. I immediately got it, but that’s because I think the advertisers who designed those commercials are great at what they do.

  7. Missed it – even after you pointed it out. LOL! (In my defense, though, I’d never seen that commercial.)

    Bulbs – we switched, but I left ONE in the kitchen that actuall comes on when you flip the switch so I’m not cursing THAT dimness as well as my own! ;o)

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