Weekly Winners

Weekly Winners: May 18th to May 24th


Into the deep

Puttin’ on the dog

These little piggies got a pedicure

Told y’all

Weekly Winners is the brilliant creation of the superb Lotus of Sarcastic Mom fame, or is notoriety? Either way. She’s brilliant and talented and you can join the fun and visit others’ weekly winners here.

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  1. I love the one with the dolphins, it’s just perfect!
    You have great feet, and it looks like you love flip flops as much as I do! I’m addicted to them!

  2. The worstest mom is hilarious! Love the pedi, but the dolphins picture is my favorite, it’s fantastic!

  3. Dude… is that a Worstest Mom coozy????? I WANT A WORSTEST MOM COOZY. Your dad never did send me that hot australian… so I totally feel that a consolation coozy is in order.

    (P.S. The shot in front of the dolphins??? BLOODY BRILLIANT.)

  4. That aquarium shot is great! I can never line those dolphins up like that, they never listen to me … are you sure you deserve that worstest mom award ;)?

    Nice toes!

  5. I like those shots – and nice toes there missy! I’m sure you’re going to get a crapload of foot fetish searches in your stat counter now. :p

  6. Love them! My favorite is the first one…such a cool picture.

    And I am coveting your toes…is that wrong?

  7. Ahhh ha ha ha ha haha…I love that “worstest mom ever” gift. That’s just hillarious!!

    And your flip flops are adorable (along with the fresh painted toes). Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. JINX: literally was going to use the same caption at Fussy’s as you. How are we that in tune to one another, love? Maybe Burgh’s getting some competition??

  9. Great pictures. I had one pedicure in my life and I hated it! I can’t stand my feet being touched by strangers I guess!! That dolphin picture is priceless.

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