Monkey Business and Princess Makes Mom Speechless

Nathan: ‘Honey, Do you know why my wallet is empty and on the floor?’

Me: ‘Because you left it lower than the pre-approved 4 1/2 foot high ‘safe from Monkey’ line?’

Nathan: ‘Well smarty pants, could you help me figure out where all my stuff is?’

Exhibit A

I called upon Sasha and Boris, My Secret Engines to help with this search.
Boris was non compliant, due to being the main culprit in the wallet mangling.

After seeing Exhibit B, Mommy has an idea.

Exhibit B

Mommy is one smart lady.

Exhibit C

The culprit

Princess: “Mom, I think when Tigers eat people they take off their skin, spit out their bones and make them like chicken.”

Me: …


Want to know more about this picture? Stay tuned. I could be sending one of these bowls of Pop Pop yummy goodness to you.


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  1. ha, my kids disembowel my wallet if I leave it anywhere but on top of the pantry, 5 feet off the ground. I’ve had many incidents where I get to the grocery store and there is no debit card in my wallet. Good thing I’m the last person on earth to travel with a checkbook.

  2. You ARE one smart mommy to find discover all those goodies in the a/c vent. Hahahaha!!

    Oh fun! Goodies! I will stay tuned!

  3. The a/c vent..never would have thought of that one. Guess you know our kiddos!

    And, man is that bowl making me STARVING…better go eat something, pronto!

  4. When I was a kid, so many years ago, I used to do the same thing. My mom asked me one day why I was doing it. I told her I was just trying to get money out of the ATM. (they were REALLY new at the time).

    In our vents were hundreds of cards; baseball, credit and most of all, every playing card my dad couldn’t find in his cribbage decks. It seems I could feed the ATM machine these the fastest πŸ™‚

  5. It’s a good thing that ipod was sticking out… I doubt I’d have ever thought to look behind that vent without a little clue hanging out! LOL

  6. Oh, Ipod! Say it ain’t so! Watch him. It gets worse before it gets better.

    And, I would also be speechless.

    A giveaway! YAY!

  7. Oh yes- we have one of those lines in our house too- even the toilet paper and trash cans often need to be moved above that line.

    That bowl- YUMMY! I can’t wait to hear more!

  8. And you didn’t even bust out your monocle or magnifying glass or nothin’! You ARE a good detective. Sun chews on my wallet and goes through strangers’ purses. Yeah, so Sun was on your suspect list, too!

  9. Ok, I need to look inside all of my vents now… so many things have gone missing in my house that it’s quite possible I may find them there!

    Great detective work!

  10. Great detective work! Now that you’ve found his stash, I am guessing he’ll find a new hiding place.

  11. Great detective work!

    We know all about “monkey” business.
    But the 4.5 feet off the ground does not work anymore…the boy can pull chairs over now!

  12. How funny! My son is starting to hide things from us. We find the remote control in the weirdest places (including the trash can)! I’ll have to remember to check the vents ever so often…

  13. LOL so funny! Once my friend’s daughter hid her tennis shoes and they couldn’t find them anywhere! They finally broke down after a week and bought her a new pair. Weeks later they found the first pair jammed into the bottom of a vase. Ha ha ha. I love when kids are naughty like that. It’s always so funny.

  14. 4 1/2 feet just doesn’t cut it here…Snorkie pulls up a chair and gets where he wants to go…once, the top of the fridge!
    Cute little monkey…squirreling away the stash…thank goodness the i-pod didn’t make it all the way in!
    Pax, E

  15. Oh man, you are lucky to see the IPod sticking out! Too funny…since it wasn’t my IPod…or wallet…or credit cards.

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