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Sh*t Torts and Courcans

We haven’t had any Southern Tidbits in a while, so I thought I’d share a few from the past week.

Monkey comes running into the room:

Monkey: “Sh*t, Torts*”

Me: “Yes, those are your shirt and shorts, do you want to get dressed?”

Princess: “Mom, can I call you a moron?”


I’m painting the bedroom and I hear…

Nathan: “Monkey, that is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen, go to the bathroom now!

(sounds of splashing water and grumbling)

*5 minutes later*

Nathan: “What are you teaching that boy?”

Me: “…?…?”

Nathan: “He just reached into his pants and grabbed a *nugget* and tried to hand it to me”

*me dying*
My salad arrives.

Princess: “Mom, can I have your Courcans?”

Me: “My who?”

Princess: “Your crispy things, the courcans”

Me: “You mean my croutons?”

Princess: “Sure, whatever Mom. Can I have ’em?”

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  1. Kids say the darnedest things. LOVE it.

    Easy recipe for croutons…. bake diced bread w/cinnamon sugar in 350 for 10 minutes. YUMMY.

  2. Oh, boy! So much to look forward to. J is still on “ba ma la na da la ma na” intermixed with grunts, hoots, blups, and spittles.

    He just has so much to say . . .

  3. Boys and sticking their hands down their pants. They are so indiscriminate about it. Balls or nuggets. They don’t care.

  4. This reminds me of the time Carson yelled “dog sh*t!” in line at the grocery store. It was awesome. (And I have no idea what he was really trying to say.)

  5. Sadly, I thought of tort lawsuits when I read this post.

    That’s what lawyering does to a woman. It’s depressing.

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