The Double Stuf Oreo Birthday Challenge

Double Stuf Oreos

Did you know that today is Oreo’s 97th birthday?

These crisp chocolate and decadent cream cookies are as much a part of the fabric of our lives as apple pie, ice cream and milk.  When you say chocolate and cream, people think Oreo.

Happy Birthday Oreo! You look amazing dah-ling.

So, raise your milk cups with me, and let’s sing:
Happy Birthday, to you
Happy Birthday, to you
Happy Birthday De-licious Oreos
Happy Birthday, to you”

In honor of Oreo’s 97th birthday, Princess and Nathan have joined the likes of Venus and Serena (yes, that Venus and Serena) and Peyton and Eli (um hello. YES Those boys, you know Peyton Manning, the QB of Nathan’s favorite football team EVER) in the Oreo DSRL (double stuff racing league).

Princess and Nathan challenged each other and here is what happened:

So tell me, who won?

You can go see those famous siblings competing against each other in their own ‘lick off’ here You can also grab your cold glass of milk and delicious crispy cream filled Oreos and visit the DSRL site and enter the sweepstakes to win the chance to join those famous siblings and be coached by them in an OREO race in late April. That race has a grand prize of $10,000. So, hello! What are you waiting for?

In addition to that amazing opportunity and all the birthday fun….
Oreo has offered me an amazingly delicious and might I say tonguegasmic prize pack that one of you will win:

Do you see the adorableness that is Princess in the awesome Double Stuf headband?

Princess and the oreo style

I have a fabulous blue Oreo portable cooler that is overflowing with Oreo goodies to award to one of my delicious readers! It has one of the super awesome sweatbands that Princess is rockin’ up there. Two Oreo Milk Cups, as featured above, one pack of Double Stuf Oreos, an official DSRL member/rules card and a rockin’ jersey!
You know you want one!

I will run this contest all day Friday, March 6th. Oreo’s 97th birthday!! HOLLA!
All you have to do is:

  • Leave a comment telling me how you eat your oreos. Do you lick, dunk, crunch or stuff? (1 entry)
  • Tell me who won (additional entry)
  • subscribe in a reader (additional entry)
  • tweet this (additional entry)

For each entry that you complete, leave a separate comment and I will use the super fabulous random generator to find a winner! The contest is open until 11:59 PM March 6th. Good luck and happy eating!!!

*another chance to win can be found by visiting Jamie at Savvy Housewife

The contest is now closed and the winner was commenter #12  Amber. Congratulations, Amber!

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  1. I only eat double stuff oreos and I eat them just plain, no milk. I also am kind of loving the vanilla cookie variety.

    Jen’s latest brilianceWednesday Whine…cheese optional

  2. My vote goes for Princess, I love how she went after that cookie!

    Jen’s latest brilianceWednesday Whine…cheese optional

  3. I already subscribe in a reader but as of this morning I’m also twitter stalking you 🙂

    Jen’s latest brilianceWednesday Whine…cheese optional

  4. I must say I’m boring and I just eat my Oreo’s like any other cookie. Unless I happen to have a glass of milk handy then I dunk. We are definitely an Oreo loving family!

    Daisy’s latest brilianceWindows Vista Speech Recognition – First Impressions

  5. I have successfully not purchased Oreos in almost a year. They are my weakness – my go-to junk food, the MOST DELICIOUS cookie! I dunk, and have even on occasion, (don’t judge)….put a few in a small juice glass, filled it to the top with milk, crushed the cookies and eaten with a spoon. I think Heaven is filled with Oreos. It just HAS to be! What a fun post.

    Tracy’s latest brilianceSunshine and Cloud

  6. Oreos are amazing. I’m a guy who doesn’t like chocolate, yet I love Oreos. Weird eh? And I just eat them, straight up, no milk (I don’t like milk). I’m the kid who needed to finish his last french fry at the same time the last bite of cheeseburger was done. I cannot eat one part of a meal first and then move onto the other. Everything must commence and end at the same time. So licking the oreo filling first would drive me insane. OCD much? hahahaha

    And Princess totally won that. Dad had a good pace going, but like figure skating, this is a style sport. Princess killed in the style department. I have to give her the trophy. She’ll look better on the Oreo package when they give her a sponsorship deal.

    And I already subscribe! A longtime loyal minion of yours.

    BusyDad’s latest brilianceWorst American Idol Post. Ever.

  7. I think Dadddy won…. but not because he tried! LOL… Daddy wanted Princess to win I think!

    Martha’s latest briliance

  8. I pull em apart, lick, dunk, then crunch. 😀

    VDog’s latest briliance“Come” On Over to Room 704

  9. I am nuts. I can’t stand getting my fingers dirty (I know… I need mental help), so I don’t dunk… but I want that milky goodness. So, I take a bite… chew a little, take a swollow of milk and kinda swish it around. And yes… I make sure and only eat Oreos alone, as I deserved to be mocked right out the door.

    Domestic Goddess (in training)’s latest brilianceThe R Word

  10. I think we’ll have an Oreo party….thanks.

    Noble Pig’s latest brilianceIf You Are Wearing These…We Need To Have an Intervention

  11. Dang! You are the coolest Mom ever! My Mom always made me drink the whole glass. I hope Princess knows how good she’s go it!

    The Stiletto Mom’s latest brilianceA Most Interesting Book Report

  12. I just get a glass of milk and go to eating the oreos, not in one bite, and then guzzle the milk right after…yum. Gotta get me some…thanks for the chance to win! (Love your blog.)

  13. Ok I twist the oreo apart, lick it once, then put it back together. THEN you just hold it in the milk till it gets sorta soft but not gross soft. THEN you eat it! YUUUMOOOOOO! (I know it sounds gross, but it is not!)

  14. I’m a licker, but if an Oreo is on the line, I’ll be a cruncher, a dunker, a stuffer or, obviously, a begger. Hey, it’s an Oreo!

  15. I love to crumble up the Oreos and put them on top of vanilla ice cream, so I am not sure what category you would place that in. Wouldn’t you know now I feel like this treat and I don’t have any Oreos or ice cream and it is too cold outside to go to the store for some. Mmmm Oreos!!!!

  16. I’m a cruncher, sometimes a licker and always a stuffer…the more I can stuff in my mouth the better. Of course, this is only on my OFF MY DIET days..hahaha. My son is a major dunker. Thanks for the chance!

  17. The Princess of course! Thanks for the chance! I want OREOS>>>>YUM YUM. I don’t have any in the house. UGH. LOL.

  18. LOL! That was totally adorable. I love the sweat band and faux knuckle cracking she had going on there. I say she gets extra points for pure cuteness… LOL What a fun family you guys are!!

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