She’s Got Legs: PSF


It is official that I am a kickball coach/mom and my daughter, is a baller… a kickballer that is.
She has got legs and those muscular little legs were made for kickball.
We have opening ceremonies and pictures tomorrow morning so there will be many more pictures and I’m sure stories to follow.

PhotoStory Friday
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*Monkey is still limping, but the x-rays have showed no abnormalities so the ortho isn’t scheduling us. Our pediatrician has re-subbed two new diagnoses/requests to him… so y’all please pray that he’ll pick one and decide to see us. I really want to know why my 2 1/2 year old has been limping for a week and a half now. Thank you for all of your encouraging thoughts, prayers and stories. Y’all are an amazing group of people

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