Help! The 80’s Are Taking Over My Daughter

That’s right, you read that correctly.  The 80’s are invading.

There’s the make-up from the birthday party the other night


And the shoes she HAD to have or she would just DIE!! (dramatic gasping and hand gestures were involved). Those are jellies! JELLIES PEOPLE! Sweaty feet-blister inducing-jellies!

Mom, Dad please quit laughing NOW


Oh and my 5 year old Daughter’s Favorite Song in the world?

Cyndi Lauper’s Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun

And last but not least! Did I happen to mention that when she is getting her dancing groove on that she does THE WORM?


What’s next? What’s NEXT I ask you?  Bangles, side ponytails, aqua-net, jelly bracelets from elbow to elbow? Hot Pink and Lime Clothes (oh wait, those are already in fashion again), pegged jeans?????

I actually love her unique fashion sense and spirit 😉 But, the whole 80’s thing is crazy, I already lived through it once 😉

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  1. I think it’s divine she’s bringing the spirit of the 80s back!!! Most people love to make fun of them, but the 80s were totally cool in their own special way, don’t you think? Let’s just hope she doesn’t adopt the “valley girl” voice – that’d be the only downfall I can see to being a total 80s baby!

    mommaruthsays’s latest briliancehelplessness

  2. I LOVE it! I’m a total 80’s freak…hey I lived them, I’m allowed to. I think bringing them back rocks. Of course, I hated my Jellies because they would run some wicked blisters in my feet. I’m so in love with John Hughes movies, especially Pretty In Pink, that I’m trying to finagle an “inspired by” line in my jewelry. If I could relive 1988 and 1989…less having to go back to high school…I’d totally do it…fer shur.

    AlyGatr’s latest brilianceFoto Friday

  3. I saw a guy the other day on the street wearing a Coca~Cola shirt…you know the one, white and red?!?! everything 80’s is back and it’s hilarious! I always wanted jellies so bad but my mother would never get them for me…she hated them and said they were gross, so even now as a 33 year old I covet jelly shoes! Too funny!

    Shelly’s latest brilianceTake 5 Cookie

  4. Oh, Rachel! I had to laugh because my 3rd daughter is much the same way! But, she laughs when I’m watching shows that talk about the 80’s, the stinker!

    At least she’s chosen a decade you can remember! She could have fallen in love with the 50’s!

  5. Funny! I posted the same video on my blog a coupla days ago. Course I’m like 30 so why wouldn’t I have been guilty of a love affair w/Cyndi Lauper. But, I totally blame those Kidz Bop losers for this! They put that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun cover on the free Mickey D’s disk and now kids across America are falling in love with the hit all over again. My dudes have rejected it wholeheartedly. Not good b/c they are beating that Shrek song to death! Nice Blog:)

  6. OMG Jellies are back??? HA! Awesome!

    Fiona’s latest brilianceHow To Gain 14 Pounds In One Year – or – Discovering Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred – or – Death Sucks

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