Three Things Thursday

Today’ll be quick and easy because I only have Three Things of any great importance to tell y’all today:

1: biz cards

My BlogHer business cards designed by NapWarden and made on Zazzle for super inexpensive and FAST! I got them in 3 days!!!

I love them!

2.  Today is the ADORABLE and Super Classy StilettHO queen OHMommy’s Birthday.

Classy Chaos: Home_1247753103947Stop by Her Blog Classy Chaos or Twitter her @OHMommy and wish her a VERY Happy Birthday!!!

3. Help honor #Maddie (heh, hashtags in posts) by purchasing a $5 raffle ticket from The Friends of Maddie and be entered to win one of two 10-inch Dell NetBooks!  One to be given away AT BlogHer at the Room 704 party and another to be given away at the BlogHerAtHome party.

Intel Raffle : friendsofmaddie.org_1247753794055

Click HERE for all the info and to purchase your tickets.

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