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  1. Yes, these are incredible. The sun is stunning in Honey, Please and What Goes Up, Must Come Down (your titles are so Lotus-like this week!). I’m really wondering, though, whether Cherry-riffic needs to be in a frame in my house. The color! (Also, it looks like your trip was a feast for the eyes, too.)

    1. Ha Ha 😉 Thank you! The cherries are more beautiful in real life but, I think I did a decent job of capturing them!
      Every time I see the honey shot it makes me smile!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I have some cherries in the fridge right now that I am about to get out and eat!

  3. You definitely captured amazing shots – but I’m not surprised. I’m glad you got to see a beautiful side of Michigan. And I’m glad I got to see you.

    You’re a talented lady, Miss Rachel. MWAH.

  4. The honey and earth power shots are my faves.

    I totally came by here to comment, like, twenty minutes ago and then hopped out to see what this whole weekly winners linkage was all about and just remembered I needed to get by tail back over here!

    These shots are fab- and so are you!! <3

  5. Can we PLEASE talk about the amazing photo of the cherry with raindrops – it’s stunning; JUST LIKE YOU!

    1. Yes ma’am. I just got back from a trip up there touring the cherry orchards and The Cherry Institute and The Cherry Festival. It was amazing and SO gorgeous!

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