There’s just something tonguegasmically amazing about the smell of beef sizzling in a cast iron skillet


This is my first time entering an I Heart Faces photo contest 🙂 How could I resist?  Food, Photography and the chance to win something 😉 Yes, please.

The Contest is open until NOON CST tomorrow (Thursday), if you want to enter.. but, um.. don’t 😉 then, the odds are better for me 🙂

I promise I’ll share the sizzling recipe that this pic belongs to, if y’all remind me.

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  1. I don’t like burgers not cooked on the grill normally, but holy crap I can practically smell those and see the steam coming out of my monitor! Great pic

    1. I’m the exact same way! Also, I won’t eat cheese on a burger unless it has been cooked on a REAL grill or in my cast iron skillet. NO restaurant cheeseburgers (98% of the time) for me.

      Cast Iron — real cast iron that has been seasoned and aged and USED — adds THE most amazing flavor and the bonus, you’re re-seasoning your cast iron while you do it. It sears the outside and they’re most and flavorful and nom nom nom nom nom

      wait until you see the recipe that goes with 😉

  2. My husband grills the burgers around here and I pan-fry them whenever I cook them. We enjoy them either way and they are always home-made patties. I have three cast-iron skillets and use them all the time. My father loved his cast-iron skillets and showed me how to make a great steak, chicken breast and burgers in them.

    Great photo!

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