One is Enough

We have some friends with three or more girls, I don’t think Nathan’s Sanity could take more than one of these:

princess cruise portrait

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    1. Tara, that’s EXACTLY what I want to know!!!
      There are moments where she’s still my little girl and then others… I see who she’ll be and it scares/thrills/shakes me

      Thank you, I love her eyes. The color often gets muted in pictures.. this time, it worked!

  1. <3 adorable princess <3
    I often say if I ever had another, I'd want a boy. No way in the world would I ever want another beautiful girl…I just don't think I would want to share this bond with another daughter 😉

    1. Lynde,

      I totally get that 😉 I love the different, yet amazing relationship that I have with both kiddos 😉 I will say, I’m damn glad we only have one beautiful little girl (emotional pms hormone) to deal with 😉 😉

      I can’t see Nate or Kenny handling two daughters well 😉

  2. having a girl after all those boys i had was a shock to the system.

    and now that she’s 16 … driving … hanging out with boys …

    someone please hold me.

    cherish the precious moments, rachel!

    1. JANET!!!!!!!!!!!

      shut up! she is NOT 16!!! Holy cow! When did that happen? HOW did that happen? GASP!

      I know Roo was a shock for you but, I also know what a gift she is 😉 She’s such a sweet, beautiful girlie 😉 She’s a good balance for those crazy boys of yours 😉 <3

  3. Rachel, She is so beautiful! Michael will see cute little girls around and always say… “I’m so glad we have boys!!” 🙂 I have to say a little part of me would love to have a little girl with bows and sparkles, tool, and babydolls. But then I stop and think… what would I do with bows and sparkles, tool and babydolls. God sure knows what he is doing. Great pic, Great blog!!

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