fairy cups and hats

Nature’s dishes left*

behind for curious minds

to stumble upon


left to soar and wonder at

what party they missed

* do you see them?

** my stomach virus suffering children informed me those are fairies throw-up bowls

*** 2 hours of sleep due to sick children means crazy random haikus from me, to you

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  1. I live in the world of sleep measured more by minutes than hours. Not for the noble reasons that keep you and other moms from being able to close your eyes – dutifully and with tender love, caring for fairies and their throw up bowls.

    It’s just something my brain does – that for more than a decade the long line of doctors haven’t been able to figure out.

    But sometimes the body that prevents sleep allows for serendipity – like being the first to see this treasure that you have posted. I know it was borne of worry for your fairies, and empathy, and a heart that lies helpless when your babies are hurting – but this

    is inspired art

    in black and white

    and poetry and prose.

    It’s beautiful Rachel.

    God Bless and keep you and all of yours.

  2. “Fairy throw up bowls” … well that cracked me up. That sounds like something my youngest would come up with. We have a throw up bowl in use right now, too. The air is moist with germs and I fear for my own health. I hope you can get some rest. Take care. ~Leslie

  3. They are not!!! My kids leave them out for the fairies and the fairies coat them in glitter and use them in their houses. It’s magical and fantastic! I simply caanot imagine a fairy using one to throw up. :/

    1. I love that!

      Normally, my kids are all about them being Fairy Cups and Dishes — however, since they’ve spent the past 4 days with a “throw up bowl” next to them (thanks, stomach flu) they were a bit cynical ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Beautiful haiku, beautiful photo, beautiful comment from Craig. Hope you nod off to the land of magic and fairies soon…for a good eight hours at least.

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