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Toasted Mini Baguettes with Turkey, Swiss Cheese and Caramelized Onions

Whenever we go out to eat and a bread basket is placed on the table, I will inevitably grab the baguette.

The crispy on the outside, soft, warm, and yeasty on the inside baguette – baguettes are one of the few breads whose siren song I am simply unable to resist.

There’s nothing quite so wonderful the day after Thanksgiving as a Turkey sandwich with all the trimmings, whether you prefer cranberries and turkey or turkey with mayo and lettuce, I’ve got a new leftover Turkey sandwich that’s going to knock your socks off.

Sweet Caramelized Onion, Turkey, & Swiss Toasted Baguette Sandwiches

.2 Sweet Caramelized Onion Turkey Baguette Sandwiches
In a small saucepan over medium-low heat, I melted 4 Tbsp (1/4 C) butter and added one sliced medium sweet yellow onion.

While the butter and heat worked their magic on the onion, I heated up the Mini Baguettes (2) and sliced some of our leftover Turkey – I used my Poblano and Citrus Roasted Turkey recipe.

When the baguettes and the onions were ready I got a slice of Swiss Cheese and laid it out with the rest of the ingredients

Turkey Sand Components

I sliced open both baguettes and drizzled the delicious butter and onion sauce from the pan onto the bread

sweet caramelized sauce drizzled baguette

After I drizzled the inside of both the top and bottom of each baguette, I placed sliced turkey on the bottom half of the baguette and topped the turkey with caramelized onions and placed a slice of swiss cheese on the other piece of mini baguette.

I placed these sandwich halves on a cookie sheet facing up and placed them in a 375 F oven for about 7 minutes – until the cheese was melted

caramelized onion baguettes ready for oven

I added fresh sliced avocado to my sandwich



and left Nathan’s as it was.

The resulting sandwiches were…

Well – in a word – Tonguegasmic.

Sadly, the mini baguettes are not available near me yet, however I can order them online from Sister Schubert’s and you can bet your sweet bippy that I’m going to be ordering several bags.

Yield: 2 sandwiches

Sweet Caramelized Onion, Turkey, & Swiss Cheese Sandwiches on Toasted Mini Baguettes

Sweet Caramelized Onion, Turkey, & Swiss Cheese Sandwiches on Toasted Mini Baguettes

Caramelized Onions, Roasted Turkey and Swiss Cheese Toasted Mini Baguette Sandwiches

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes


  • 2 mini baguettes
  • 4 Tbsp butter
  • 1 Medium Sweet Onion, sliced
  • Sliced Leftover Turkey
  • 1 slice swiss cheese, halved


  • Fresh Avocado slices


  1. In a small saucepan over medium-low heat, melt butter and add in sliced onions. Let cook, stirring occasionally until the onions are caramelized
  2. While the onions are caramelizing, heat 2 Mini Baguettes according to package
  3. Slice leftover Turkey, you only need a couple of pieces per sandwich
  4. When the onions are finished, heat the oven to 375 F and prepare to assemble your sandwiches
  5. Slice each Mini Baguette in half
  6. Drizzle the juice from the caramelized onions onto all Mini Baguette slices
  7. Place sliced Turkey onto the bottom sandwich pieces and top with caramelized onions
  8. Place half a slice of Swiss Cheese onto the top sandwich piece
  9. Place in the pre-heated oven and bake about 7 minutes - or until the cheese is melted and the sandwich heated.
  10. Assemble the sandwiches and enjoy.


  1. Top with fresh avocado slices prior to serving - this is my preference



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  1. Oh that bread looks perfect, I too have a weakness for baguettes. I love the onions & avocado you snuck in that sandwich 🙂

    Hope you and your fam had a fantastic Christmas! Happy new year to ya!!

    1. I knew we were kindred spirits, Aggie 😉 Girl, I try to add onions and avocado whenever I can 😉 like bacon, they make so many things better. <3

      Happy Christmas (season) and I hope that 2012 is a magical year for you!

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