Rachel’s Favorite Things {PLUS an iPad Air Giveaway}

‘Tis the season for Christmas Carols, Christmas Cookies, and goodwill towards men.

I’ve teamed up with 7 amazing blogger friends to spread a little goodwill and cheer around to y’all.  We’ve each chosen some of our favorite things for a giveaway, and ONE lucky person is going to win an iPad Air!!

Just look at all the wonderful favorite things that are being given away!

Favorite Things Giveaway

The number on the graphic corresponds with the number of the blogger who’s giving away those favorite things.  Make sure y’all visit each blog and enter to win all 8 Favorite things giveawaysEach entry is an entry into the iPad Air giveaway!

1. Love & Olive Oil | 2. Skinnytaste | 3. Reluctant Entertainer | 4. RecipeGirl | 5. A Southern Fairytale | 6. Gimme Some Oven | 7. Mountain Mama Cooks | 8. FoodieCrush

I’ll tell y’all about my favorite things in just a minute, first let’s talk about how this works:

  • Enter to win my Favorite Things by following the entry instructions below. Along with the mandatory comment entry, there are 3 bonus entries, for a total of 4 chances to win.
  • Click over to to my friends’ blogs and enter to win their Favorite Things.
  • Each and every entry into one of these 8 giveaways is also an entry to win the grand prize! That means that if y’all enter the four possible entries on each of the eight blogs… that’s 32 possible entries to win your very own 16GB iPad Air.

Does that have you wanting to break out the eggnog and deck the halls just a little bit more?  Perhaps throw a little tinsel around?  Maybe it inspires you to do a little goodwill yourself!  That would be even better!!

Let’s talk about the favorite things that I’ve picked to give away!

rachel's favorite things
  1. Relaxing Almond Bath Oil  I have become a lover of luxuriating in a hot bath with a good book, a glass of wine, music playing, and this Almond Bath oil.  It smells amazing, makes the bath that much more decadent, and leaves my skin feeling as soft as a newborn baby’s.
  2. I got this Chapstick Lip Care Moisturizer in my Swag Bag at Blog Elevated and it has erased all other lip balms from my life.  It leaves my lips soft and supple, it has no flavor, and it isn’t sticky or waxy.  I spend a lot of time outdoors; running, playing with the kids, out on the boat, hanging out with the neighbors and the wind and I can’t be without this chapstick.  I probably have 3 or 4 tubes of it at all times.
  3. This is my favorite journal  I am passionate about photography and writing, and this journal combines them in a fun way.  The cover is rough, heavy paper, and the camera is stitched on; each page has a camera in the corner with the words “say cheese”  I use it to write notes about recipes I want to try, thoughts on life, moments I don’t want to forget, and I have a brand new one to use in Karen’s upcoming CREATE 2014 online course <<I urge y’all to sign up and do it with me. Karen is one of the people who inspires me to see beauty, create beauty, and spread kindness.
  4. Pens! PENS! pens!  I have an addiction to pens of all colors and styles, but these papermate flair pens are my absolute favorites. Bright color, smooth flow, and they don’t bleed. I use them when I journal. I’ll give y’all a glimpse of my journal someday and y’all will see that it’s colorful and bright.
  5. Wooden Spoon  I am a Southern Girl and I firmly believe that everyone needs a really good wooden spoon.  The end.
  6.  Dead Sea Witch Hazel Hand Cream The amount of times that I wash my hands per day is absolutely crazy, it also means that I have really dry hands, especially in the winter.  This hand cream is rich and smooth, but doesn’t leave a film on my hands or make them feel greasy or sticky.  They feel smooth, moisturized, and that lasts, too!
  7.  Soothing Chamomile Face Mask When I’m lounging in the bath reading, I put this chamomile face mask on and close my eyes for just a few minutes – it’s such a luxury to spoil yourself, and I feel like everyone needs to spoil themselves a little bit.  This soothes my skin, tightens my pores and leaves my face looking more rested and glowing in that happy, in love sort of way.
  8.  $25 WORLD MARKET Gift Card – World Market is one of my all time favorite stores for getting props for photography, table linens, unique gifts, fun decorations for our home.  I can spend hours in World Market, and often do!  I love talking with their staff about their wine selections and pairings, their unique beers, and finding that perfect gift for the hard to shop for person.  Their vintage toy selection makes me smile and remember my childhood and playing with my brothers.  I couldn’t pick just one thing from my favorite store for y’all – so I’m doing a $25 gift card instead!

That’s $75 worth of favorite things!! 

Apple iPad Air

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This giveaway is sponsored by our Holiday Spirit and appreciation and love for y’all, our readers.  Thank y’all for allowing us to share our passion and love with y’all on a daily basis. Thank y’all for every comment, tweet, share, and pin.  They mean the world to us.  I read each and every one, and every single comment is a happy bright spot in my day.  

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  1. Cheesy answer, but MY daughter!! I just love her, and this time of year bring out the best in everyone, so the feeling is amplified!

  2. erin condren day planners, salted caramel mocha creamer, and starbuck’s cinnamon dolce syrup in some hot apple cider!

  3. my favorite thing is ‘THE MAGIC’ book by rhonda byrne and my hand mixer that i have.i always use it when i’m baking

  4. Wow..that’s a tough list to narrow down. Family, friends, my new appliances which are making the holidays SO much fun for sharing goodies and just having fun baking in the kitchen. New sink that makes it SO much easier to wash big pans and large pots. I think I like the sink best of all but then when I can bake cookies twice as fast…the oven starts winning. And then the dishwasher. Oy, vey, it works hard. Really favorite things are things that make me smile and enjoy life. Whatever they are and however small they are. Great question!

  5. I love all of these new ideas I’m getting. I love doing crafty things, quilting and cooking. I’ve not been so inspired in years.

  6. Oh goodness, I have so many favorite things right now…my “Christmas Cookie” scented Yankee Candle, my Oster electric wine bottle opener (truly a life saver!), my favorite new Nine West tote that I carry my work things in…I could go on and on!

  7. My most favorite thing is cooking up good things and sharing with friends and families less fortunate. It is heart warming to use the talents of cooking and see the pleasure of those who partake. That is my favorite thing, cooking & sharing.

  8. I love time with family and watching my grandbabies become fine upstanding adults with a heart for giving to others.

  9. I love so many things but right now I’m really loving my deborah lippman starlight nail polishes. So pretty for holiday parties.

  10. I love my Keurig coffee maker, Tazo tea and coconut oil, which I use to cook, rub essential oils into my hands and feet and I hear can be good for your hair too

  11. You’ll laugh, but my favorite thing on your list is the wooden spoon. As you say, no Southern kitchen can have enough of them!

  12. chocolate covered cinnamon bears, Jimmy John’s sandwiches, Lorann’s creme de minthe flavoring, cinnamon and mint chips from Prepared Pantry, and my crock pot

  13. Right now, I’m loving my french press, my big fluffy purple scarf (it’s been cold here!) and homemade almond butter. Obsessed!

  14. I love everything about Christmas! The smell, the happy twinkling lights, time with my family, baking, the spirit of giving, the magic, and anything peppermint and chocolate!

  15. Love peppermint hot chocolate/coffee! Especially while reading a good book! (I also looooove writing with colorful pens!)

  16. Aveda tea, snuggles from my kids, Christmas music, cookies, my Bona Clara skin care, my new kindle, snowboarding, and my babies!

  17. I love my Sabatier carbon steel chefs knife, my Kitchenaid stand mixer, and my ancient Cuisinart food processor…and today, my newly decorated Christmas tree!

  18. My newest favorite thing is the Bose SoundLink Mini that my husband recently acquired and the ginger bubble bath that I got for my birthday. Smells so good.

  19. My favorite thing right now is the Frosted Cranberry 3-wick candle from Bath & Body Works. It smells so good; I love it!

  20. I love Vicks Vapor Rub, sounds odd I know but it is some crazy amazing stuff and can be used for so many things and is one of the best things I’ve learned from my Mama!!!

  21. my favorite thing is my french press! i also love my rouplat! if i had a dutch oven or a slow cooker, i’m sure those would be my favorite things, too…ohhh i also LOVE my waffle iron!!!!

  22. My Cuisinart immersion blender, Snack Factory Peppermint Pretzel Crisps (seriously ridiculous), Grilled cheese and tomato soup on a cold day, walks in the snowy woods…so many things!

  23. Some of my favorite things, are: something good to read, like a book or magazine, my kitty, and something chocolate. All of these at the same time ( me on the loveseat with my cat on my lap, a book in one hand and some chocolate candy in the other would be pure bliss).

  24. My most favorite thing in the world is playing with my grandchildren and being with my family. After that I sure would love to win that iPad because everytime I mention how much I want one – my husband just rolls his eyes so Probably not in my future unless I win one!!!

  25. I love a blazing log fire with cinnamon tea, warm blankets and telling stories and reminiscing. Spending time with loved ones both family and friends. The gift of time with loved ones is the most cherished and valuable to me.

  26. Some of my favorite things are my laptop right now. I would give anything for a I pad though. Also my Kitchenaid Mixer, my enameled covered cast iron Dutch oven,(I would like to also get an enameled covered cast iton skillet too) and my slow cooker(I’ve had it since we first married and thats been over 30 years now, its been a really good one! lol)

  27. My favorite things are spending time with my grandkids and my daughter. And then there is my first cup of coffee; a warm house; smell of baking bread; wine and appetizers with friends. And of course, the joy of the season!

  28. I love fashion accessories. Scarves, boot socks, jewelry of any kind and hats!
    I also have a thing for handy little kitchen gadgets and crafting supplies.

  29. Right now, I’m loving my Minnetonka Moccasin slippers, the book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day and Athleta’s powerluxe revelation yoga pants!

  30. My husband, kids, dogs, my kitchen aid mixer, cookbooks, my electric blanket, and chocolate- those are a few of my favorite things!:-)

  31. One of my new favorite things is a big silicone mat shaped like a banana leaf that fits over a 9×13 casserole dish. It creates a seal along the edges and keeps dishes hot, then doubles as a cover for storage!

  32. This time of year, with the harsh weather and holiday rush, I love lavender Epsom salt baths, Lush Karma cream, and as always – chicken rice porridge! 🙂

  33. So many favorite things! Right now it would have to be my iPhone and/or Macbook. Since I’m overseas, having the ability to Facetime or Skype my friends and family back home is a must, and I’m so thankful for it!

  34. Around this time of year, my favorite things are snowy days filled with baking, sipping hot tea, and nibbling on dark chocolate.

  35. Green tea lattes (currently drinking one at Starbucks right now!), Britney Spear’s new album, my IPod, and my new nephew!

  36. My current favorites are ‘cuff’ gloves and sweaters and using an oldschool popcorn maker (for ALL kinds of popcorn recipes!)

  37. I love apple scented candles, pens I hoard pens!! , pretty dishes , all things gold and sparkly , and lotion preferably a light scent that isn’t sticky!

  38. This is nerdy, but Cameo apples are one of my very favorite things on earth. I enjoy peaches and cherries and stuff in the summer, but I’m really just biding my time until apple season.

  39. I love Nivea’s Lemon and Olive Oil Lip balm and Body Shop’s hand cream. Love Favorite Things giveaways, always find new things to try.

  40. I love books, shooting stars, visits with my children, laughing, new clothes, kitchen ‘toys’, the beach, cloud watching, finding a new CD I like!

  41. I love mocha lattes, rich chocolate cookies, the smell of bread baking, and a warm dog sitting on my lap. Yes, all at the same time would be heaven!

  42. Some of my favorite things are flannel lounge pants, cozy socks, a sharp set of knives, dark chocolate, and cookbooks.

  43. Anything kitchen related! My husband doesn’t understand how I can walk around stores just looking at pans, pots, baking dishes etc. Though I think he’d rather I did that than spend endless amounts of time at the mall 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

  44. Some of my favorite things are the view from my parents’ house in Connecticut, rosemary-infused cocktails, and hugs from my loved ones 🙂

  45. My favorite thing right now is my kindle that my mom gave me. I love it and now have bought my daughter one for Christmas.

  46. My favotite things are dishes and goodies that I can get made and serve with pride using only my one usuable hand! I do these these because I love to. I also lived in Texas for a while, Wichita Falls area and I know that cooking for the people you love is also the way they entertain there. It would make my entertaining a whole lot easier if I had a standing mixer and food processor! Okay Santa?

  47. Gosh. I’m loving my recent purchase of an electric water kettle. I love having a cuppa only minutes away without having to worry about forgetting a pot of boiling water. I also adore trader joes sipping chocolate this time of year. Delish.

  48. Some of my favorite things this year are peppermint milkshakes, caramel apple pie coffee & Burt’s Bees peppermint lip balm

  49. My favorite things right now are a cozy pair of slippers and a Christmas apron given to me as an early Christmas gift!

  50. This is such a great opportunity!! Thank you and thank you for sharing some of your favorite things!

    I am in love with mugs, so I am constantly buying them. One of my favorite things is to sit with my beautiful picked out mug and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. And staring out into a snowy winter makes that cup even better!

    xx Siobhan

  51. My favorite thing is to get up very early when everyone else is still asleep and enjoy my coffee in the peace and quiet. Its my favorite part of the day!

  52. Snow and snowboarding are some of my favorite things. I love getting ready to head outside in the winter, putting on cozy wool layers. Winter is so much fun!

  53. My favorite things include: new recipes, VSPink sweatpants, absurdly nice things for my dogs, cute paper planners, buying gifts for my husband… I have a lot!

  54. Favorite things (loved ones a given, obviously): almonds, my iPhone, reconnecting with old friends, and people who make me laugh. 🙂

  55. Currently it is my vintage buche de noel plate that was handed down to me by my MIL – narrowing it down to Christmas related kitchen stuff. But my cookie cutter collection is pretty awesome too

  56. My favorite thing in the kitchen is my mini Kitchen Aid chopper!! I enjoy making soups! It helps me save time when I could spend time with family and friends. I usually always make enough soup to invite new neighbors over or take a hot soup to them!

  57. I love our neighborhood we live in — it’s a wonderful historic area of our city & we have the BEST holiday lights on nearly every street here!

  58. It’s silly, but kitchen-wise, I love Press n Seal plastic wrap! I cringe when I think of the inferior plastic wrap we used in the past. I just don’t know how we put up with it not staying on the bowls and containers! LOL
    I also love sock monkeys and fritos 🙂

  59. I am SO with you on that chapstick from BE! With all this stupid cold, dry air, I’m missing the humidity. I KNOW. Who thought you could miss humidity? Well, my lips and skin do. (Hair? Not so much.) My favorite thing right now is my $3 clearance valentines day plush bathrobe from walmart which keeps me warm in this gross cold snap. (Have I mentioned I don’t like cold weather?)

  60. I have too many favorites! Stand mixer, citrus zester, my candy thermometer…but lately, my digital scale, the one from the kitchen to measure ingredients, not the one in the bathroom for my own weight! hahahaha…. 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  61. My most favorite thing is spending time with my son! Some of my other favorite things are good books, a great cup of tea or glass of wine, craft supplies (yarn, fabric, beads/jewelry) and dark chocolate.

  62. Of course, the people in my life come first. As far as everything else goes (in no particular order) chocolate, baking, writing/blogging, teapots & tea kettles, cats, DIY and art.

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway! Happy Holidays!

  63. My favorite things right now would be cold weather (this Florida heat is out of control) and having a good scarf, book and Chardonnay to enjoy it with.

  64. Some of my favorite things would have to be my Artisan mixer, my Kindle, my water bottle, and this Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream–it doesn’t matter how dry it is or what it is (including lips), put it on before bed and it’s better the next day. The stuff is magic, I swear.

  65. My favorite thing(s) right now are my kittens! They were welcomed into our home in July from a rescue shelter. Their mommy was hit by a car and they were left alone, but soon rescued. Their names are Toby & Ramona and they are siblings. The kittens have brought a lot of joy to our rather stressful life this year 🙂

    Other favorites: crockpot, mason jar drinking glasses with handles, gingerbread coffee, sparkly red nail polish, cozy blankets, holiday cheer.

  66. My favorite thing is my boyfriend – soon to be fiance – soon to be husband! I was lucky enough to find him this year, and I can’t imagine anything I’ve been thrilled by more. (I’m sorry, I’m still in the sappy phase!)

  67. My favorite things are time off from our busy work school and extra curricular activities so we can have amazing family vacations:). I love the Christmas break!

  68. Favorite things: puppies and kittens and good company by a roaring fire and a nice bourbon.
    That sounds good right about now.

  69. So happy to find your blog. Based on the things you love I think we’d be besties! Have you tried the Nivea lip balm. It’s my newest addiction.

  70. Among my favorite things are my Dreamfarm Clongs, my MacBook Pro, my stoneware pizza pan, and my rice cooker. And every spatula I own.

  71. My favourite thing in the whole world, & I wish I could share with everyone, is my son’s laughter & jokes! It’s the best … no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

    My favourite tangible object that I wish all new Mummy’s knew about, & is indispensable for us, is a video baby monitor, even though my son is no longer a baby it comes in really handy. Especially when your little one is sick (as mine is now) or when you’ve sent them to their room ( you can keep a eye on them).

    Or simply to watch them peacefully sleep! Aahhh

  72. Besides my family (of course!), I love cookbooks, lip gloss, jewelry, baking, dark chocolate, and laughter! Many thanks!

  73. I’m a pen girl, too. I really like the Sharpie pens, though there are times when they will smear. I am obsessed with coconut body butter from The Body Shop right now. I still cannot keep my hands from cracking, but at least they smell good.

  74. Love my Christmas tree, my boys drawing on the fridge, my warm blanket, a hot cup of tea, giggles from my kiddos, a good book.

  75. Nivea Lip Butter, Starbucks Cafe Mocha, Yankee Candle Holiday Bayberry Candles. These are a few of my favorite things.

  76. I LOVE PENS. I honestly sometimes think I have an addiction. I also am very in love with fluffy blankets and socks!

  77. I have an olive wood spatula I got on a trip to Italy that I adore. …which reminds me, it needs oiling. It’s looking a little dry!

  78. Raindrops on roses & whiskers on kittens… Ok seriously, I’m currently loving infinity scarves, tall riding boots, stovetop popcorn, and pumpkin cheesecake!

  79. My Christmas faves are White Chocolate Peppermint Back, L’occitane Hand Creams, and OPI Pirouette My Whistle. 🙂

  80. Some of my favorite things are the Clinique Chubbystick in Chunkiest Chili, Christmas music, Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks and walking in the snow with my hubby and our black lab.

  81. This giveaway has to be one of the best things I have come across! I don’t think I will win, but it’s still fun to enter.

  82. My favorite things right now: hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, my steve madden combat boots, and watching Breaking Bad!

  83. A few of my favorite things… my family :), my Grandma’s southern baked mac and cheese, teaching preschool, and your blog!

  84. I love EOS lip balm, my favorite! I also love Weleda products, haven’t tried anything I didn’t like from them. I have a coffee mug obsession as well!

  85. Craft supplies-paper, fabric, stamps, tools, everything… Also empty notebooks, chicken ramen noodles & my 35mm camera!

  86. Fresh cranberries – I stock up every year – they freeze beautifully and are ready to bake with sugar for relish or use in pies, muffins, etc. YUM!

  87. Love homemade beeswax candles and lotion bars (also great gifts!), our stainless steel french press that keeps our delicious coffee hot!, dark chocolate & sea salt covered almonds (another great gift!) and amazing blogs like this to keep me inspired in the kitchen!! Thank you!

  88. I love my Staub pan and Kenwood titanium kitchenmachine.
    But I also have a lot of cooking and breadbaking books wich I like very much!