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Weekly Meal Plan {Week 34}

Happy Meal Plan Wednesday, y’all!easy weekly meal plan week 34

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I’m so excited about this new weekly meal plan format!  I have recipes from some lots amazingly talented food bloggers, {are you a food blogger?  Would you like to be featured in the Weekly Meal Plan?  e-mail me!} These recipes, along with my own, will be woven together to create family friendly, deliciously easy, weekly meal plans to help you (and me) stay on track, and hopefully make life easier!  I’m going to be growing this weekly meal plan to include sides, leftover suggestions, and even eventually…. a printable! do you make printables? can you teach me to make printables?  email me!  

Okay – On to the meal plan!monday

I’m kicking this weekly meal plan off a bit differently – if you had a weekend of indulgence, and you need a little something to help get you started, a boost… check out this Spinach Apple Detox Smoothie from Life is But a Dish.  It has bright flavors, a couple of surprising ingredients, and sounds like having this a few times this week, might be helpful, if you’re looking to hit the refresh button. 

Spinach Apple Detox Smoothie from Life is But a Dish


If you want to continue Monday on a bright, lighter kick, this Berry Summer Salad with Honey Glazed Pecans is light, delicious, and gorgeous.

summer salad with berries and pecansTuesday

Can we talk about major flavors and textures that are as much a delight to eat as they are to look at?  How adventurous are you?  Nathan and I have definitely gotten more adventurous as the years have gone by, and even though he still gives me the what the hell are you putting in front of me now? face every now and then, he’s a good sport, and I’d say we have about a 90% success rate of him getting on board and enjoying things.  I can’t wait to try these gorgeous, and flavor packed Cauliflower Ceviche Tostadas from Hola Jalapeño, seriously y’all… look at that picture! Just imagine Taco Tuesday vegetarian style!  Meatless Mondays!  Why Not Wednesdays!  I think everyone could get on board with these.
Cauliflower Ceviche Tacos from Hola JalapenoWeekly Meal Plan (3)

I am on a huge sweet potato kick right now and I have a smashed chipotle sweet potato recipe that I can’t wait to share with y’all – I just have to stop eating it before photographing it – bad Rachel.

Nathan and I are huge fans of zoodles and spiralizing veggies.  Have you tried it?  What’s your favorite veggie to spiralize

I’ve never spiralized sweet potatoes, but this gorgeous Coconut Curry with Sweet Potato Noodles from Food, Faith, Fitness is going to be my first spiralized sweet potato dish! Added bonus –  it’s Gluten Free and Dairy free, which means it’s Vegan, too!  

vegan coconut curry with sweet potato noodles from food, faith, fitnessThursdayleftovers night

Living in South Texas, Nathan and I have had our share of carne guisada.  Our favorite hole in the wall, Sylvia’s, back in Calallen had a Carne Guisada breakfast taco that made you moan with pleasure and ask for more homemade tortillas to sop up the leftovers because you dare not leave any behind.  Seriously, I would make the 5 hour drive just for one of Sylvia’s Carne Guisada breakfast tacos (and a picadillo taco)  I’ve never had Pork Carne Guisada, and I’ve never made Carne Guisada at home; but I will definitely be giving this Pork Carne Guisada recipe from fellow Texan, Jennifer Cooks, a try. It looks like it might melt in your mouth like butter. 
Pork Carne Guisada from Jennifer CooksSaturday

Weekends are for grilling.  Hanging out with friends and family, watching the kids play wall ball, ride bikes, decorate the driveways with sidewalk chalk, and lighting the grills (propane or charcoal – we use both) which makes these Tipsy Beef and Veggie Skewers a perfect Saturday meal.. main dish and side dish all wrapped up in one.  drunken beef and veggie kabobs

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Are your Sundays lazy days? Crazy Days? Planning Days?  Our Sundays alternate between lazy and crazy, but they’re almost always planning days.  This Sunday, I’m planning on devouring some of this Lemon Orzo Shrimp Bake from Cooking on The Front Burners because A) it looks amazing B) I can make it in one dish C) Between fridge, freezer, and pantry – I have all ingredients on hand at all times. bonus!

One Dish Lemon Orzo Shrimp Bake from Cooking on The Front Burners

bonus recipe time!

scrumptious sides

Whether you’re featuring beef, chicken, pork, or fish – this Roasted Teriyaki Green Beans and Mushroom recipe from Neighbor Food Blog will bring wonderful depth and flavor to your table.  Frankly, I’d eat this all by itself and sop up the leavings with a piece of bread. YUM, y’all.  

teriyaki-green-beans-mushrooms-3sweet treat

If you’re a peanut butter and chocolate fan, like my husband, hold on to your keyboards and bring out the drool cup.  This No-Bake Peanut Butter and Chocolate Lasagna recipe from Snappy Gourmet is a peanut butter, chocolate lovers heaven.  Rich, decadent, and No-Bake.  Bring. It. On.


What are your meal planning struggles?  

What can I do to help you get through the week?  

What kinds of meals do you want to see on A Southern Fairytale, and in these weekly meal plan posts?

Share your struggles, comments, wins, loves, needs, and favorite recipes in the comments!  If you’re a food blogger and you’d like to have your recipes considered for the Weekly Meal Plans please e-mail me ASouthernFairytale@gmail.com


Hope you enjoy this week’s featured recipes!  Click through to see all the  Weekly Meal Plans 

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  1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for featuring my Pork Carne Guisada! It is melt-in-your-mouth delicious! It’s so nice to meet a fellow Texan. We have a few favorite local taquerias here in Central Texas that I’d drive a few hours for if I ever had to leave!

    1. Thank you, Sommer! I’m trying, and I have some great blog contributors who have such wonderfully delicious, lighter recipes! Miss you, doll!

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