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A Southern Thanksgiving Menu

A Southern Thanksgiving Spread is a glorious thing to behold, as anyone who’s ever attended a Southern Thanksgiving knows.

Southerners know food, y’all… and being a 7th generation Texan and lord knows how many generations upon generations Southerner… Kentucky and Texas, y’all…

plus having grown up with a straight up apron wearing-cast iron cooking – pecans in chicken salad – junior leaguing – church lady, Granny…

I have southern clout, y’all.  Cast iron southern clout.

Add to that my many years of working in and running restaurants…and hosting framily friendsgivings… these recipes are tested and then tested again. 

The Main Event

8 years ago I posted a Turkey Recipe.. 8 years later… it’s still one of the most popular recipes, my favorite turkey recipe, and the poblano gravy has a cult following

southern brined turkey

  • Soy Brined Turkey is always a hit and super easy to make – even for a first time briner! 


Side Dish Life

chipotle pepper green chile mac and cheese

Whether you call it Dressing or Stuffing; this Chorizo Poblano Dressing is hands down the best stuffing/dressing side dish you’ll ever eat


Chorizo, Poblano Thanksgiving Dressing Recipe

The Sweet Life 

  • These quick and easy sopapilla beignets are a blend of new orleans and texas and are a sweet and delicious treat that are easy to make and a perfect end to any celebration 

sopapilla beignets with powdered sugar and Grands Biscuits


  • Granny’s Texas Sheetcake has over a million views and there’s a reason that it’s the most popular recipe on this blog.  

Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake

Second only to Granny’s Texas Sheetcake are the Texas Sheetcake Cupcakes with Bourbon Glazed Pecans

bourbon glazed pecan topped cupcakes

What are your Thanksgiving MUST haves? Are you a traditionalist or do y’all try something new every year?

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