30 Amazing Avocado Recipes

30 Avocado Recipes

30 avocado recipes that you’re going to want to make right now!  From breakfast to dessert, from avocado toast to avocado custard, from fried avocados to avocado pizza.  If you love avocados – you’ll love this roundup of 30 avocado recipes

favorite avocado recipes

Y’all know that I love Avocados.  If you’ve been around A Southern Fairytale for any length of time, this comes as no surprise to you.  Y’all have seen me post everything from breakfast recipes to ice cream to guacamole to salads and dressings.

It’s nearly Avocado season, which means it’s the perfect time to create an Avocado resource page, right?  Who doesn’t want a page where you can find links to 30 Avocado recipes?  #TeamGuac #AvocadosForLife.  I’ll continue to update this as I share more recipes with my favorite green fruit.

 Breakfast Recipes

breakfast recipes with avocados


 Appetizer Recipes

appetizer recipes with avocados


Main Dish Recipes

dinner recipes with avocados



 Dessert Recipes

avocado dessert recipes


How to Freeze Avocados so you can have them year round


How to Freeze Avocados


this is not a sponsored post, however, many of these recipes were created as a part of a partnership with the California Avocado Commission.

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