37 Things

Today is my 37th birthday, and I am beyond grateful that I’ve reached this milestone.

In honor of my 37th birthday, and with the humbling knowledge that I am beyond blessed to have reached this milestone – I wanted to share 37 things.  If you don’t want to read my 37 things, I ask you to scroll down and click on the link that will lead you to the story of a mom who will never celebrate another birthday with her family.

37 Things

1. My favorite color is purple

2. The song that brings me to my knees is Amazing Grace played on bagpipes

3. My Granny was my best friend and the one who nurtured my love of cooking 

4. When I was 16 I dreamed of naming my daughter Taryn – that’s not my daughter’s name

5. I once played the french horn

6. I was a gymnast

7. My plan was to get married at 30 (hint… I was much younger, go ahead and make plans, y’all)

8. My dream as a child was to be a teacher or a stay at home mom

9. I once confused baking soda with baking powder and made hockey pucks instead of muffins

10. I love being on stage and speaking in front of huge crowds

11.  Speaking in front of small groups is scary

12. Nathan and I met when I was 19

13. We’ve never had a professional family photo

14. It took me 35 years to become comfortable and confident with myself (ps. purple hair)

15. I’m still not completely confident and comfortable with myself, but I NEVER disparage myself in front of my kids, and I never use the F (fat) word in front of them.

16.  food is one of my love languages

17.  Feeding others makes me happy

18.  I want to get a cute little nose piercing (edited to add: DID IT!)

19.  Being a self taught photographer is exhilarating

20.  Spicy foods are my favorite

21.  I can eat mexican food every single day

22.  I judge restaurants on their salsa and guac

23. I am firmly on team dark chocolate

24. I am terrified every single day that I won’t be enough

25. I want my kids to succeed, and fail, and learn from all their failures 

26.  Being a parent is scary and awesome

27. I was raised Methodist when I was with my parents and Baptist when I was with my Granny

28.  My dad told me; ” listen to your first reaction, but don’t react on it” It’s been some of the best advice of my life

29.  My favorite cake is Italian Cream Cake or German Chocolate — don’t you dare ask me to choose

30. Tillamook Cinnamon Horchata rivals Blue Bell 

31. I remember watching The Breakfast Club and thinking how old they were…. yeah

32. Listen to your parents, no really.  They’re far wiser than you know, and every thing you roll your eyes at… 20 years from now, you’ll be emphasizing.

33. Nathan and I met in a bar

34. I can touch my nose with my tongue 

35. Medium Rare Steak is one of my favorite foods

36. I wanted to be on Broadway after seeing Les Miserables, Phantom and Miss Saigon on Broadway when I was a teenager

37.  I am still learning, changing, growing, and becoming more me… every single day.

I remember thinking that 30-something was positively ancient.  Today, I feel 21, and I realize that I’m still learning.  I’ve come so far and I’ve learned so much; and I realize how much more I have to learn, how much more I have to grow, how much more life I have to live. 


We’ve had so much loss in our family, and one of Princess’ friend’s mom just passed away – which means that some of my closest friends just lost one of their dearest friends.  I had the honor of photographing the Keesler family and friends this past 4th of July and watching Kristi’s friends and family interact with her… I knew without a doubt that I was in the presence of God.  It would mean the world to this family if you’d skip your next coffee, diet soda, fast food lunch,pizza, takeout, delivery, or drive through, and instead donate that amount to the Kristi Keesler fund that will help to provide gifts given to her children in her name throughout their lives.   



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  1. OMW! #34…I have never met another person that could do that too! I always freak people out being able to.

  2. #24 You have always risen to the occasion whatever the demands were and have the depth of character to do that in the future. Faith daughter faith.
    Love you,

  3. Yay for the nose piercing. I keep hearing about Tillamook ice cream so I just have to buy it now.

    What a sweet, sweet post. Happy Birthday!!!

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