A Blast From The Past

Yesterday I wrote about the awesomeness that is my Husband as a Father and my Dad, grandpa, wrote the sweetest comment about his Dad, my Dee, and then my Brother, Monkey’s Uncle, wrote a wonderful comment about our Dad.

One of my Dad’s new hobbies is scanning all of our family slides, photographs etc… into the computer so that we can save them, fix them and be able to share  them with each other.  One of my favorite things about this.. opening my e-mail to see such gems as this:


I remember the cow, but more than anything… I remember that stretchy elastic red belt with the heart clasp. I was a stylin’ 80’s Texas chick!

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I’m still nominated for Tastiest Blog Award! I am however, about 100 votes from First Place. 🙁 Can ya toss a girl a vote, please?

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  1. that picture is gorgeous!! such a happy and beautiful face!!
    i vote for you every time i go there!!
    [rq=1303,0,blog][/rq]Holy Crap Part Deux

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