A Face Only A Mother (or Nathan) Could Love: Weekly Winners

Only A Mother Could Love This Face
adrian's face

Or Nathan

adrian and nathanMeet Adrian, Nathan’s Father’s Day Present. A 2 year old Female American Mastiff with an underbite that rivals Bluto from Labyrinth

Tomatillos are Tonguegasmic


A Day of Fishing
fishing with daddy

Fishing is SO exhausting
taking a break on the boat

More Weekly Winners can be found at the Awesome Eye Candiest Blog around, Sarcastic Mom.  Go visit her to see other weekly winners and if you haven’t voted for her yet, please go NOW! and While you’re there 😉  I’m nominated for Tastiest Blog and I’d LOVE your vote!!!  Barefoot Foodie is nominated for Funniest Blog, The Room 704 girls are soooo the Guiltiest Pleasure, Heather and Mike for Most Inspirational, MomAdvice for Cleanest and there are more! Those are just a few suggestions from moi 😉

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Mouthwatering Mondays and it gets all Tonguegasmic over here!! So, bring out your favorite recipes, rev up your printer and get out your drool bib so you don’t short circuit your computer 😉

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