A Lesson of Mediocrity

So she wanted each of us to link up to our favorite post.
Not our favorite post we’ve read, our favorite post that we wrote.
It is actually a brilliant idea, except for one thing.
It shines a light on my utter mediocrity. A glaringly bright, million watt candle hunting type spotlight kind of light on the glaring mediocrity of me.

Shoot me now.

You see, I have this delusion. I enjoy my delusion.

In my special little world I am positive and inspirational like her, witty and amusing like her, snarky and awe inspiring like her.
I am funny and able to make every day life sound desirable and fascinating like her and her. I can make people laugh so hard it hurts like her or break down and cry like her. I can stop people in their tracks and make them reflect on every blessing of their life like her.
Simply with the power of my words.

, that’s her name now in case you were wondering.

She has made me take a second look at myself and I’ve discovered something.
Something that holds true in my real life and my blogging life.
I am mediocre.

I have friends who make these amazing bows, and amazing jewelry and t-shirts. They sew and they craft and they create. They make these things that inspire me and cause me to oooh and ahhh and dream of the day that I sit in front of a sewing machine, or a pile of ribbon.

I dream of the darling creations that will fly from my fingertips and adorn my children and live forevermore in my photographs that will someday be maybe one-tenth as spectacular and breathtaking as hers or hers.

Today, I have decided something.

I will relish in my mediocrity, my utter averageness.

I will never be the skinniest, the prettiest, the smartest, the most talented, the craftiest or the best writer.
I will however, strive to be the best wife, mother, friend and woman that I can be.

I have come to realize that I will never see myself as anything other than utterly average and ordinary.

But through my childrens’ eyes I am beautiful. I am the epitome of love, laughter, intelligence, grace and life.
To my husband, I am love, happiness, life and the sexiest woman alive.

Today, Tomorrow… I can live with that.
I am blessed.

Thank you DamnTexasHolly.

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  1. I would love to know in which parallel dimension you were mediocre. HELLO. You cook. You cook damn well. How is that mediocre?

  2. Shut up. Seriously…. I bet most of the bloggers out there feel the same way you do. The more I read the more I want to quit it all because I see people that are better, wittier, and more honest.

    I think about this all the time. You are not alone and you are so not mediocre. You are a great friend too many. You are so incredibly sweet and I am blessed to have you part of my life.

  3. Aww, honey. You are NOT mediocre! Your blog is one of my favorites. I have felt the same way, though. I feel like my blog lacks focus because I don’t do any artsy fartsy stuff or cook or take great pics. BUT…that’s what makes us original. besides, I like blogs that focus on the person more than what they do. In any case, you rock.

  4. If I could add a link to this post, it would be “And I wish I could cook amazing food, like her” and I would totally link to your blog. There is something special about everyone sweetie…. thats what makes the blogosphere so awesome.

  5. I don’t think you’re dillusional and I’ve only been browsing your blog for 10 minutes! 🙂

  6. You know, along with “thriving in anonymity” I also love to “wallow and mediocrity.”

    Its perfectly pretty here . . . people are jealous.

    Come join me . . .

    BTW. I totally jest. Because you, my dear (and I never say “dear”) are so far from mediocrity that I can’t even see you . . . nope. Can’t.

  7. I’d just like to 2nd everything that everyone said before me! I think you ROCK! It takes great skill to cook the “toungasmic” food you do!!
    It’s not just your culinary skills that rock either!!

    But, I feel just like you when it comes to being mediocre. I could really relate to what you typed! So on that note I’m joining Laski Gal!

  8. ya know I find it odd that you can look at yourself and see mediocrity, when everyone else just sees FABULOUSITY!!

    So stop it now, back to our regularly scheduled princess/monkey insanity and the wonderful mommy that makes it sound so easy….

  9. I feel like I should just plain ignore you LIES. Mediocre? Hardly. And if you ever call yourself that again? Imma gonna beat you up. 😉

  10. I love this post. It is (and you are) anything but mediocre… Lovely realization and beautifully written. 🙂

  11. Oh honey, there’s nothing mediocre about you.

    I think you’re positive and inspirational, witty and amusing, snarky and awe inspiring. You are funny and you make everyday life sound desirable and fascinating.

    Sound familiar?

  12. YOU ARE NOT MEDIOCRE! You can cook like flippin Rachel Ray or Paula Dean (you pick) AND I LUURVE YOUR BLOG! And I think you are a great friend. Always cheery and happy!


    First of all I would eliminate the “mediocre” and substitute “well rounded”. You are so good at so many things (and super duper over achieving at others) it isn’t even funny. Oh, and you are funny too.

    See, there. I am right.

    You can’t argue with DamnTexasHolly.

  14. You are hardly mediocre (maybe you haven’t noticed the fabulous culinary creations on your blog), but even if you were, I’d be happy to have you in the mediocre club with me!

  15. I’m kind of thinking you’re selling yourself short (by a lot)…

    But that’s great you realize how important you are to your family. I need to focus on that as well, instead of focusing on the things I tend to dwell on (my acne, my cellulite, my lack of fashion-sense, blah blah blah). Thanks for this post

  16. Well now that just brought tears to my eyes. I think you could add this to your best of list. Though you are not mediocre I know we all feel that way sometimes.
    Beautiful post. 🙂

  17. Oh My Word. THe first part of your post you just took the words right out of my mouth. I struggled SO HARD with coming up with a fantastic post. I had thought I wrote a lot better than I do until I went back and read through them. Then I read the end of your post and you put the words I needed to hear right into my head. Thank you, Rachel.


  18. I don’t think you’re mediocre at all. But, I do agree with your assessment that you are awesome the way you are! Don’t change a thing.

  19. Girl, you rock! You’ve a great cook, a great friend, wife, mother, witty, pretty, the list goes on and on. I want to be mediocre just like you. So I’m raising a beer, here’s to mediocrity!!

  20. I’m with AFF. You rawk in so many ways where I wish I could be better! And with Tara R. You *CAN’T* be mediocre. Cuz then I’d been dog food.

  21. Oh how I understand this post.. You are so far from mediocre.. don’t you realize that readers.. LIKE ME.. wish they had your talent of cooking.. or your talent of patience and love that you put out??

    You are amazing..

  22. Ah, but you have talent! Mediocrity does not live here…shame on you for denigrating your talent with words! Congrats on your mention in Post of the Day…well deserved!

  23. Mediocre doesn’t bring in 38 comments.
    I LOVED this post. How many times has every blogger felt this at least once? I’m with OHmommy, sometimes I read such fantastic posts and see such beautiful photos I wonder why I’m even out here.
    This post put you in that catagory… 🙂

  24. I never commented on this, now I feel like a jerk.
    If I had to name a list of the top five sweethearts of the internet you would be on my list.
    No kidding.

  25. The last thing you are is average. And perfection is soooo overrated. I love your Rachel-ness!!

    Sugar Jones’s latest brilianceBecause I Can Never Make It To My Book Club IRL…

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